FAQ: Natural laundry products to wash linen

We had a customer enquiry this week about natural laundry products that are safe to wash linen in. While we have dedicated wool wash, we don't have a dedicated linen wash. The customers request was as follows:-

NO bleach, caustics, enzymes, phosphates or sulphates. NO animal testing. We enlisted the help of the creators of the Abode Cleaning Products range to answer the question about the safest way to wash linen with natural cleaning products.

Their recommendation is to use the Abode Sensitive Laundry Powder. While it does has a sulphonated surfactant*, the owners of Abode wash their own linen products in this with no problem. If you don't mind the scent of the wool wash, using the Abode Wool Wash is also a suitable alternative and fits the full list requested above.

Speaking of Abode Laundry Powder, until recently, this product was only available for Top Load washing machines. Anyone with a Front Load machine needed to choose the laundry liquid instead. We're pleased to announce that Abode also have a Front Load Laundry Powder. Front load laundry products need to be low sudsing because of the way the machine operates differently than a top loader. For those with front load machines, you now have the choice of liquid or powder in all three scents (Eucalyptus, Lavender & Mint or Sensitive) and in either the 1kg size or the 5kg bucket.

The laundry powders are natural & gentle on the skin and also the environment and are made with ingredients like soda ash, food grade baking soda, food grade sodium citrate and other ingredients derived from coconut oil, sand, corn and wheat plus the inclusion of natural essential oils in those products with a scent.

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* A surfactant is a compound that reduces the tension of two liquids that are combined or a liquid and a solid.


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