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The Fair Trade Story of Alaffia

Alaffia tick two major boxes for us, the quality and value of the products and the ethics behind their creation. More than just a brand, The Alaffia Foundation is a registered organisation that has Fair Trade at it's core. They have empowered over 14,000 people who live in Togo West Africa in the process of creating their range, including 10,000 women collectors and those who indigenously craft their Fair Trade unrefined shea butter that is at the core of their whole range.

Their certifications include ECOCERT's Fair For Life fair trade product certification, GMP Certified (good manufacturing practices) and Minority Business Enterprice (MBE) Certified. Alaffia pay 15 to 25% above market price for the shea nuts used in their products and their co-op members receive a salary more than three times the average family income in Togo.

The Alaffia Range at Shop Naturally

At the heart of the range is their affordable natural shampoo. At $19.95 for a litre, it's a budget friendly product for the whole family. It is also joined by a matching conditioner in the same scents.

  • Purely Coconut is a unisex tropical aroma suitable for everyone. not only does everyone love the smell of coconut, but it suits all hair types and is well suited to dry hair. It gives a good cleanse without strippin hte natural oils from your hair.
  • Lavender has a floral fragrance that has an aromatically calming effect from the lavender essential oil in the bottle. It offers deep cleansing and hydration and is also suitable for all hair types, especially dry hair.
  • Unscented suits those with sensitive noses and scalps. Free from all essential oils, you get the same cleansing and hydrating results without any aroma or potential scalp irritation.

For the body, the range has both cleansing and moisturisng products. There's a natural body wash in each of the scents to match the hair products above plus three shea butter based moisturisers that will suit everyone.

  • Unscented Pure Unrefined Shea Butter is a core ingredient in many natural body and skin care products. The pure butter can be used on the face and body.
  • Passionfruit Pure Unrefined Shea Butter is the same as the first product with the addition of a fruity scent. We recommend this is only used on the body as the skin on the face can sometimes be sensitive to scents, even when they're natural
  • Unscented Whipped Shea Butter & Coconut Oil is lightweight, fluffy and easily rubbed in and absorbed for dry and thirsty skin

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