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The Eco Footprint of a Water Filter Jug

A couple of months ago we wrote a blog post about how to filter water without plastic. We don't find any of the methods particularly effective, so the next thing to take in to consideration is the impact on the environment of your water filter jug. Let's just say, there's a huge positive for using ANY water filter jug or benchtop system over buying bottled water. For every single use water filter bottle you stop being produced, this is a HUGE win.

Depending on which jug you choose depends on how long the jug lasts and how many cartridges you need to go through. The most popular jug on the market is Brita, available at most supermarkets and department stores. Most jugs take the Maxtra filter cartridge. The Maxtra cartridge lasts for approx 4 weeks. This is a huge win over bottled water, but when compared to other jugs, it's a lot of plastic and there are jugs that will filter out more and cost less to run over a 2 year period than the Brita Jug, so we're going to compare the two for you.

COST OVER 2 YEARS - Brita vs Waters Co vs Eco Bud vs Enviro Products

Our favourite water filter jug in store is the Mineral Pot from Waters Co. While it's a bigger up front cost, over the lifespan of the Waters Co Jug (which is 2 years), it filters out more, adds minerals back to your water, creates less waste and is cheaper to purchase and run.

Brita 2 Year Cost = $220

$45 for the jug, including 3 cartridges + $175 for 7 cartridge 3 packs (@$36 each)
(Prices taken as the RRP's from Woolworths website)

Waters Co 2 Year Cost = $169

Comes with everything you need for 2 years

Eco Bud Glass Jug Cost = $219.60

$79.95 for the initial jug cost + $139.65 for 7 cartridges (each one with a 3 month lifespan)

Enviro Products 3.5 litre Jug Cost = $234.40

$69.95 for the initial jug cost + $164.45 for 11 cartridges (each one with a 2 month lifespan)

As you can see, the Waters Co Jug is the clear winner on price, sitting at $50 cheaper to run over two years over both the Brita Jugs and the other two brands of jugs we have in store.


Waters Co = 6

They all come with the initial purchase, 2 of them last for the full 2 years. One other filter needs to be replaced every 6 months and you are given 4 of them.

Eco Bud = 8

Each cartridge lasts 3 months, so you need 4 per year

Enviro Products = 12

Each cartridge lasts 2 months, so you need 6 per year

Brita = 24

Each cartridge lasts 1 month, so you need 12 per year

Waters Co again are the clear winner, using less cartridges than the other jugs.

If you want a fluoride water filter, then the Waters Co is your best option followed by the Eco Bud. The Brita and Enviro Products leave the fluoride in the water.

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