doTERRA special offer for May

May 2015 sees a generous special offer for those who are signing up to doTERRA essential oils for the first time PLUS we're sweetening this deal with an exclusive discount and two free gifts for those who sign up with Shop Naturally.

THIS OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PHONE ORDER. Please contact us for a call back.

The doTERRA offer

doterra-essential-collectionPURCHASE the ESSENTIALS COLLECTION and:-
1) save $54 off the full price
2) save 25% off all future doTERRA purchases*
3) collect 50 bonus points to spend on your next doTERRA order (that's worth approx $70 of retail value) and must end 31st May 2015

The Shop Naturally exclusive bonus

1) Save 25% on any aroma diffuser in our store if purchased within 7 days of ordering the Essentials Collection
2) Receive 2 free gifts with your aroma diffuser - a 30ml bottle of Jojoba Oil ($9.95 value) PLUS a 25ml jar of coconut oil from Coconut Magic. Both are excellent carrier oils and can be used to make your first blend or dilution at home

THIS OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PHONE ORDER. Please contact us for a call back.

What's in the Essentials Collection?

The doTERRA Essentials Collection is the 10 most popular essential oils and essential oil blends from the doTERRA range. You will get :-

  • 5ml doTERRA Lavender Oil (food grade)
  • 5ml doTERRA Lemon Oil (food grade)
  • 5ml doTERRA Peppermint Oil (food grade)
  • 5ml doTERRA Tea Tree Oil
  • 5ml doTERRA Oregano Oil
  • 5ml doTERRA Frankincense Oil (my favourite)
  • 5ml doTERRA Ice Blue Oil Blend (for muscle tension relief)
  • 5ml doTERRA Easy Air Oil Blend (for breathing issues)
  • 5ml doTERRA Digestzen Oil Blend (for digestive system relief)
  • 5ml doTERRA On Guard Oil Blend (for immune system support
  • 15ml Slim & Sassy Oil Blend (for metabolic control)

* The doTERRA offer is available when we sign you up for wholesale access directly with doTERRA. The 25% off all future doTERRA purchases are for those made directly through your wholesale account with doTERRA. Once you're signed up there is no minimum spend and you are not locked in to any contracts. If this kit is your first an only doTERRA purchase, that's perfectly fine. The 50 bonus points (worth approx $70 in retail value) are redeemable through the doTERRA website on any future purchase you make. Shipping charges of $9.95 will apply to your doTERRA order.

THIS OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PHONE ORDER. Please contact us for a call back.


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