doTERRA Australia's promotion for January & February 2019

For those who wish to start their journey with essential oils and spend the next 2-3 months building up a collection, doTERRA Australia have a generous promotion that runs for the whole months of January & February 2019.

There are two parts to this promotion, with a generous amount of free product coming to you if you choose to participate.


Become a new wholesale customer with doTERRA in the month of January or February 2019. Your enrolment needs to be of a value of 100PV (point value). Let's make that a whole lot clearer though. All of the kits on our doTERRA Wholesale Kits page qualify you for part one. Don't want a pack? We can custom design a wholesale order for you that meets the requirements.


Create an order for the following month in the doTERRA system that will automatically ship out to you. This order needs to meet 2 requirements.

  1. It must be an 'autoship' order which doTERRA call an LRP order (Loyalty Reward Points).
  2. It must be 100PV in value. This is usually around $150 to $170 in value depending on what you order

Once you do this, the following month you will be gifted 100PV in to your account which will be worth approx the same value as what you just did in Step 2. This is an opportunity to not only get your standard 25% off retail price, but to also spend $150 and get another $150 credit which you can spend at your leisure.

Please note, that by creating an LRP order, you're creating something that will auto-ship every month. Please know that there is no obligation to keep this running and you may phone up doTERRA and cancel it at any stage.


Download the Australian Price List HERE> On the price list there is a column that says PV. You will be buying your oils at their WHOLESALE AUD value, but you add up the numbers in the PV column to get to 100.

We understand there's quite the learning curve using the system. We're here to assist with anything you need and we can certainly set up your LRP order to qualify for the promotion.


As one of Australia's most trusted retailers in the health & wellbeing space with over 300 brands on offer (we have been in business for 10 years now), we're always available during business hours every day of the week to assist. We also offer email support after hours and we can call you after hours to set up your LRP order. You also have the option of paying for your opening pack order of doTERRA with Afterpay.

If you don't already own an aroma diffuser, quite a few of the packs have one already included. They can be purchased as an add-on if you choose a pack without one.

We also have our Eco Rewards program which gives you 15% off full priced items in our store on your next order (with a very small list of exclusions). While you can't use your 15% off to buy your doTERRA Kit, you earn loyalty points with your doTERRA kit purchase which equals 5% of your spend. You can use these points to buy credit in our store at the checkout.


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