Don't let the bed bugs bite + loads of other uses for the Eucoclean 3-in-1 Disinfectant Bed Bug Spray

Have you ever gone away on holidays and brought home more than a sun tan and some souvenirs? Bed bugs are a scourge on the hospitality industry, and there's a chance that if your bag gets sat on the bed and not on the bag racks provided, you may very well bring a band of travellers home with you. Bed Bugs. I know people who have literally thrown mattresses away and bought new ones when they couldn't get rid of them. Don't worry, there is a natural solution - the Eucoclean 3-in-1 Disinfectant & Bed Bug Spray.

Made with natural ingredients and Eucalyptus scented with essential oils, this spray does so much more than bed bugs. It's one of the great multi-taskers in our store and the most versatile in our natural cleaning products range.

Bed Bugs & Fleas

Does it work? Watch this video and see. It has a similar effect with fleas not only in the home but also with pet bedding. When using on beds indoors, there's enough in the bottle to treat 8 double sized mattresses, which is just over $1 per treatment instead of the call out fee for a pest controller or buying a brand new mattress.

Replaces your disinfectant

Eucoclean 3-in-1 is a disinfectant spray and can replace any chemical based disinfectant. Use it from the spray bottle or remove the lid to put in a bucket with some water and mop with it.

Replaces bleach and mould killers in the bathroom

Use the Eucoclean 3-in-1 as a natural shower cleaner and treat mould issues and prevent them from re-occurring by using this as your every day shower cleaner.

Replaces lime & calcium removers on shower screens

Use the 3-in-1 on the glass in your shower as well as the tiles. The Eucoclean 3-in-1 removes lime, calcium and plaque build up from shower screens.

Replaces your floor cleaner

As mentioned above, just because it's in a spray bottle, doesn't mean you need to always spray it on. Remove the cap, add a splash to a bucket, top up with water, and you have a disinfectant floor cleaner with a eucalyptus scent. While it's a little more expensive than the average natural floor cleaner by volume, it will provide a superior clean for the money. If you have young children, pets, or an area that's constantly getting grubby, this one is worth a look.

Replaces laundry stain removers

The power of this cleaner will remove engine oil and grease from clothing. While we usually recommend the use of natural dishwashing liquid for removing the odd greasy stain on clothing, the Eucoclean 3-in-1 is so much more powerful than that.

Also available in a convenient 'wet wipe' format

Eucoclean Wipes are a 2-in-1 solution. They do everything the spray does, but their delivery medium is not helpful with the fleas and bed bugs. They cut through grease and grime on kitchen benches. They're a great anti-bacterial hand wipe for those times when you're out and about and you can't get to a tap with a liquid soap to wash up.


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