An in-depth comparison of our sensitive skin & nose moisturisers

This week I was asked to make some recommendations for a patient of our consulting naturopath who has an extremely sensitive nose and skin. This is an area I know well, so I was able to offer first hand experience of 3 products that we have in store that I recommend in these situations. Each one is unique in its own way, so I have written this detailed comparison of all three to help you make an informed choice. Please remember, that when choosing any natural skin care products for people with sensitivities, patch testing for a couple of days on your hand, then a couple of days on the edge of your chin is advisable before putting the products on your whole face.

La Mav Jojoba Oil

la-mav-pure-jojoba-oil-thumbThis is my 'most sensitive option' for people. It is the best moisturiser for people with sensitive skin, but can be used for so many other skin types too. It's a pure oil, and the La Mav Jojoba Oil is certified organic and comes in an airless pump. Jojoba Oil is the oil that's closest to our own skin, and is very nourishing. It's rich in vitamin A & D and fatty acids and helps to lock moisture in to the skin. It's best applied to slightly damp skin. You can also use it as an organic makeup remover. If your sensitivities are to the extreme, this is what you want to try.

Beauty & The Bees Leatherwood Honey Coconut Marigold Ultra Light Moisture Cream

beauty-bees-moisturiserThis is my next choice. At just over $40 for 120ml, it's excellent value for money when you compare any other organic moisturiser, which are usually $40-$50 for only 50ml volume. It's not certified organic, but it's 100% natural, and so pure that you're best to keep it in the fridge to prolong the shelf life at least 6 months past what's printed on the label. This one is a part of my own daily skin care regime. It's a moisturiser based on oils, the hero ingredient in this one is coconut oil. It also contains olive oil, beeswax, leatherwood honey and a handful of other natural ingredients. This cream comes in 4 different consisitencies. At the moment, we only have the ultra light version but can special order in the others for those who need more hydration. It does take a few minutes to sink in and can feel just a little oily on the skin afterwards. For this reason, some people may not like it. For those who have sensitive skin and a sensitive nose and aren't following up with mineral makeup straight afterwards, you are going to LOVE this moisturiser. (Using mineral makeup on oily skin can produce patchy results)

Zkin Relief Moisturiser

zkin-relief-moisturiser-thumbWe're $44.95 for 50ml here, but certified organic. The ingredients list is a little longer here. The hero ingredients in this one are jojoba oil and rosehip oil. On its own, rosehip oil can cause dryness and redness in sensitive skin for some people. In others, it's fine. When it's a part of a formula like this one, less of an issue. It's still a really good idea to patch test and monitor how you go over time. The benefits this formula has over the others is the inclusion of ingredients to repair damaged skin that aren't found in other formulas. These ingredients include cotton thistle and colloidal oatmeal. Hemp seed oil and evening primrose oil sooth inflamed skin and can be helpful for sufferers of the skin conditions eczema and psoriasis.

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