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Which cutlery fits inside the Lunchbots lunch boxes?

Lunchbots are one of the most popular lunch boxes in our store. They're made from stainless steel, come in two sizes (the classic and the larger bento) and in 5 different bento configurations (depending on the size).

We spent an afternoon this week photographing various Lunchbots lunch boxes with different cutlery sitting inside them to help you make the best choice for either your lunch box or for your kids lunch box needs.

The Cutlery

We have three different options of cutlery available in store that we road tested in the Lunchbots stainless steel lunch boxes. If you want us to test other lunch boxes, just drop us a line and we'll do that.

to-go-ware-mini-kiwi-thumb blue-thumb-SN lunchbots-cutlery-thumb togo-ware-kids-reusable-bamboo-utsensils-thumb

1. To-Go Ware Mini Bamboo Sets - these are are 3 piece set (knife, fork and spoon) made from bamboo and come with a pouch made from recycled PET bottles.
2. To-Go Ware Bamboo Sets - a 5 piece set (knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks) made from bamboo and come in a pouch like the mini set does.
3. Lunchbots Cutlery Set - 4 forks and 2 spoons made from stainless steel
4. To-Go Ware Mini Bamboo6 6 pack - 3 forks and 3 spoons the same size as the first set

Lunchbots Bento + Lunchbots Cutlery


From left to right, we have the Lunchbots Bento size in the Uno, Duo, Trio and Cinco. The Lunchbots cutlery will fit in the Uno (in either direction), the Duo and the Trio along the short edge, but will not fit inside the Cinco. The small containers in the Cinco container (far right) are the Lunchbots Dips 3 pack and they will fit in any compartment of any Lunchbots Bento lunch box.


(this post is still a work in progress. It will be completed by mid December.)

Shop Naturally is a Lunchbots Australia official stockist and carry the full range that's available in Australia.

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