Up close with the new Rosehip Sunscreen from Eco Tan

If you read reviews online, the original Eco Tan Sunscreen (which came in both a tinted and an untinted version) had some incredibly mixed reviews. Many found it too oily and difficult to rub in. The tinted sunscreen would rub some colour off if used with the kids and it stained their clothes. Eco Tan have certainly listened and for Summer 17/18 have reformulated and released their new Eco By Sonya Natural Rosehip Sunscreen.

We've taken the NEW Rosehip Sunscreen for a test drive

It's a natural sunscreen with a zinc based formula. It's suitable for the face and the body, for adults and kids, it's non-greasy (I can confirm this) and yes it does rub in easily. Sunscreen is one of those products we get loads of questions on, so I always make sure that I road test every new sunscreen that comes in to the store.

This was literally the first time it landed on my skin. I had no idea how much I'd need to cover my arm. I was pretty close. This dollop easily did my forearm (front and back) and truth be told, I could have done it with a bit less. That said, natural sunscreen is designed to put a physical barrier between you and the sun, so don't be too stingy with it.

This was taken about 45 seconds after the shot above. I rubbed the sunscreen in. It didn't feel greasy or oily. It didn't feel gritty. It rubbed in well. If you have a close look at the photos, you can see the skin on my arm is a little dry and flaky. Normally I would have dipped in to the natural skin care range I have at home and used dry body brush and natural body moisturiser and not looked like this, but you know, life happens and I prefer real life. People have try flaky skin on their arms. I'm ok with that!

When we road test water resistant natural sunscreen, this is always a part of my test. See, water beads off. I ran my arm under the tap for about 30 seconds and that's the result.

The Verdict

The new Rosehip Natural Sunscreen from Eco By Sonya / Eco Tan is a vast improvement on their original formula. It is lightweight, non-greasy, suitable for the face and the body and rubs in nicely. It has a very mild aroma and has been boosted with nourishing ingredients like Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. This does contain beeswax (it's how they get the beading) so it's not suitable for vegans. You will want to use the Simple As That Sunscreen.


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