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How to choose the best kids water bottle for your child

There are 2 brands in particular in our water bottle range that we think are best suited to children, and while there are many options to consider when choosing the right water bottle for your kids, for most parents, the main factor is the lid. This blog post will outline the features and differences of two different water bottle brands for your kids - Klean Kanteen and Cheeki.

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen are one of the water bottle companies who do great work with innovation and lids. There are hundreds of ordinary water bottle companies around, but very few who take the time to develop their lids well. The kids range of bottles from Klean Kanteen have just been revamped in March 2019 so now is the perfect time to showcase them.

All the bottles above are 355ml in capacity (or 12oz in the USA measurements). The one in the middle is vacuum insulated, the two on the outside are a single wall bottle. There are two different lid styles on these bottles, and since they are both the same thread size - the CLASSIC SERIES of bottles and lids - they are interchangeable.

Starting on the right hand side, this is the newly developed Sippy Lid from Klean Kanteen. Kids from 6 months of age can drink from the sippy lid and it restricts water flow so they don't get too much water in one go. A dust cap comes with this so you can keep the dirt and germs off it when it's not in use.

The other two bottles have the Sports Cap lid on them. They're listed as suitable for children aged 4 and up. It's not advised to use them on children under 3, especially unsupervised, but you know your children best. They are just colourful versions of the sports caps that come on the adult bottles and they are interchangeable on all Classic Width water bottles from Klean Kanteen. If you don't feel that 355ml is enough, you can buy larger 532ml (18oz) bottles and put a sippy cap on them or a sports lid.


It is this Tri-Tech Sports Cap from Cheeki that makes their entire Classic Bottle range suitable for anyone from toddler to adult age. If you look closely at the picture above, you will see three different sized water droplets on the grey band on the lid. This indicates three different levels of water flow. There is also an off position to make the lid completely leakproof in transit (one feature that the Klean Kanteen lids don't have. They're spillproof, but not leakproof.

The Tri-Tech Sports Lid is bought as an optional extra or comes with a limited number of sizes and colour ways in the Active range.


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