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Certified Palm Oil Free Natural Cleaning Products


Today we learnt of a new certification program here in Australia tasked with certifying products as palm oil free or not. They only just launched. Because of this, we cannot call the products in our range certified palm oil free. This may change if the brands obtain certification, but for now, they are classified as follows:-

Both Lil'Bit and a new brand whose name we are not releasing just yet are palm oil free. Any ingredient in the range that has the potential to be made from palm oil has a certificate from the supplier of that raw ingredient declaring it palm oil free. This is not an official certification, it is documentation from down the supply chain.

Original post

We are pretty excited to be able to tease you with the launch of something that's incredibly new in the natural cleaning products arena in Australia. In coming weeks, we will have Australia's first Certified Palm Oil Free 100% natural cleaning products range, and it is exclusive to Shop Naturally. We are just in talks now to finalise the list of products and get ready for the launch.

Every ingredient can be sourced directly to the manufacturer, who own the farms that grow the raw ingredients themselves. We will have certificates for each and every ingredient in the range showing that they are palm oil free.

RSPO approved palm oil is in virtually all natural cleaning products. Since we understand there are some customers who would prefer not to use sustainable palm oil, we will very shortly have an alternative for you.

100% natural + palm oil free for a full range that includes laundry liquids and dishwashing liquids is unheard of until now. We are happy to be able to launch it in our store. Please Posted in House on June 19, 2017 ← Previous Post Next Post →

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