Car diffusers from Aroma Jewels

A lot of our essential oil loving customers are fairly good with knowing what the options are when diffusing in their home. The doTERRA diffuser is hugely popular at an entry level price point and then we have several options from Lively Living in our aroma diffusers category.

But have you ever wanted to diffuse essential oils on the go? You can now have your favourite scent travel in your car with you with one of our car diffusing options.


Aroma Jewels Aromatherapy Car Diffuser Locket

These beautiful car aroma diffusers from Aroma Jewels work the same way as the aromatherapy jewellery in their range. They are the perfect way to diffuse essential oils in the car without using a lot of oils, without having vapour disturb you and without the need for power. The diffuser opens up like a locket and contains a round felt pad that you put your essential oil drops on to. Each car diffuser comes with 8 different coloured pads so you can change the look of your locket or save one coloured pad for a particular oil.

The locket is very easy to open and holds closed with a small magnet closure. They are made with 316L stainless steel which is capable of withstanding contact with your essential oils without damaging the locket. There is a small amount of plastic on the clips so they don't scratch your car's air vent, and the rest of the product is plastic free. There are holes in the rear of the diffuser as well to allow air flow through.

For those with doTERRA Australia accounts, their limited edition Christmas stock coming out soon do have some necklaces available in this style, but they do not have the car versions and our Aroma Jewels products are far better value for money.

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Another option for car diffusing is the Essentials-In-A-Box USB / Car Aroma Diffuser - Black. (Also avail in Gold) These are Powered by USB or car adapter, and this diffuser uses nanometer atomisation technology to diffuse pure oils and blends so there's no large water tank required in the diffuser.

We will have one more option for in car diffusing in our store next month. Stay tuned on social media or in our newsletter for details.


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