Buying Limits

UPDATED mid April 2020
We have been able to relax some of our buying limits, but still reserve the right, at our discretion, to impose any buying limit on any product or order where we feel our existing customers are going to be disadvantaged.

HAND SANITISER (across the whole category)

  • Limit 5 in total but please observe individual buying limits on products. Some may be a 1 or 2 limit for that product.

CLEANING PRODUCTS (all liquids and powders)

These limits apply across a whole category (Ie: laundry liquid/powder is one category, fabric softener is another category, dish liquid is another category)

  • NEW customers - 1 product per category
  • EXISTING CUSTOMERS prior to March 2020 - 2 products per category
  • Bulk Cleaning Products over 3 litres in capacity are now available to everyone, but limited to 1 per month in each category. Existing customers, if you regularly bought more than that in the past, email us for an exemption.

Dr Bronner's

  • 59ml and 237ml Castile Soap - NO BUYING LIMIT
  • 473ml Castile Soap - choose one scent and limit 1 per customer
  • 946ml, 3.8 Litre - choose one of these sizes only (not both) and one scent, limit 1 bottle
  • Sanitiser limit 1 per customer
  • Pump Soap limit 1 in each size, no doubling up on scents


The only exceptions we will make to these limits is for existing customers who have bought in bulk prior to March 2020.

Breaches in our buying limits create a lot of extra for us. It will delay your order by a minimum of 48 hours, slow down our whole pick packing process in general and may result in your order being cancelled and refunded.

As a small family business, this put a HUGE STRAIN ON OUR RESOURCES and we truly appreciate you sticking to the limits so everyone can get their hands on the products they need.

~ Joanne Musgrave. Managing Director, Shop Naturally Pty Ltd


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