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Boody is an Australian brand of underwear and clothing using organic bamboo as the raw material instead of cotton. When bamboo is used to spin a viscose yarn, while it's no longer considered a natural fibre like cotton is, it has a significantly smaller eco-footprint and when done safely and correctly, has no negative environmental impact. Boody ensure their fabric is created on a closed loop system for this reason.

Did you know ......

Bamboo yields up to 30x more material per hectare than cotton does. This means less land is needed to produce the crop.

Cotton requires a lot of pesticides and chemical spraying. Bamboo doesn't. The viscose fibre used in Boody is made from 80% organic bamboo. Their bamboo is FSC certified. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are the certifiers of responsible forestry. This ensures there's no habitat loss or destruction in the growth of the bamboo.

Bamboo growing uses only 1/3 of the water that cotton does. This is a big one. Water is something that's always in shortage and as time goes on, we anticipate this is going to continue.

Boody is ultra comfortable

Have you ever tried a garment from Boody? They are super comfortable to wear. It's not just the fabric. Where most cotton underwear will have a strip of elastic sewn around the legs and the waist, in Boody garments, it's cleverly and discreetly woven in to the fabric as it's made. Cotton underwear is 'cut and sew' from a flat piece of fabric. Boody underwear is woven to size & shape, including the bands, so they're way more comfortable. No fabric waste, more comfortable wear. They are also side seam free so there's nothing digging in.

We want to help you gather your collection

We have a current promotion in place, for every $50 you spend on Boody items, whether it's underwear, bras, camis, socks or baby wear, you get to select a free pair of Classic Briefs. There's a limit of 4 free pairs per order, but this allows you to spend $200 and receive 4 free pairs. It's ample to gather a really good collection as Classic Briefs are priced at just $12.95 per pair.

These are the 5 styles of undewear we have in our store. The new Midi Brief is fast becoming as popular as the Classic Bikini with a height half way between the Classic and a Full Brief with the added comfort of the wider waistband of the Full Brief and a gentler leg edging than the Classic.

While you're on your eco-quest, you may also like to take a look at Hannahpad, a washable cloth pad and our menstrual cup range. Cups are the most environmentally way to manage a menstrual cycle. For those who are uncertain about whether they will like the idea of using them, OrganiCup have a money back guarantee - use and try for 90 days. If you're not comfortable with it, you can return it for a refund of your original purchase price.

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