Blue Dinosaur & Clif Bar snacks compared

Two of the bestselling brands in store in our healthy snacks category are from Blue Dinosaur and Clif Bar. Both are a great tasting healthy snack but they have a completely different taste. Here we focus on their similarities and differences so you can choose the snack bar you will find the most delicious.


Blue Dinosaur - YES
Clif Bar - YES

In this category, the inclusion of honey would be the only thing that would push a snack bar out of this category. All flavours in both the Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars and the Clif Bar snacks that we stock in store are free from honey and are vegan.

Boosted for performance

Blue Dinosaur - NO
Clif Bar - YES

In the original Clif Bars that we have in store, the Cool Mint Chocolate flavour has an energy boost from green tea. Outside of the 'snack' range, Clif Bar also make Clif Blocks and Clif Shot Energy Gel, all of which focus on energy performance for athletes.


Blue Dinosaur - YES
Clif Bar - NO

It's all in the name for Blue Dinosaur, they're actually called Paleo bars. They are make from a very clean and short list of ingredients with virtually all the carbs on board coming from the dates. They made on a base of coconut, coconut oil and dates, and then have added ingredients like cacao powder, cinnamon, banana and blueberry, depending on the flavour.

Clif Bar have a much longer list of ingredients and include rolled oats, grains, soybean and other ingredients not allowed in the paleo diet. Think of them like a breakfast bar or a muesli bar.

Texture & consisitency

Blue Dinosaur - because of the inclusion of the coconut oil in such a short ingredients list, they have a moist and somewhat crumbly consistency. They are rich in flavour and filling.

Clif Bar - feels totally different in the mouth. They have a dryer consistency than the Blue Dinosaur bars and have an almost 'cakey' consistency when compared to other muesli bars. They aren't quite as chewy or dense as a muesli bar and are really delicious and easy to eat. They don't break or crumble easily and if you have to eat on the run, they are the perfect snack with a great balance of fibre and energy.

While both of these brands are available to buy as singles in major supermarkets now, if you buy your health food online by the box, they're on sale every day.

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