Biodegradable Glitter - it's not just for kids

Microplastics are a big issue in the ocean with large chunks of plastic waste in the ocean breaking down in to smaller pieces and being consumed by fish and then by humans. It's also an issue with man made fabrics being washed in washing machines with the microplastic waste going down the drain and then in to water ways. Another issue, even though it's a much smaller one by comparison, is the use of glitter. As far as a solution to the issue, this last one, plastic glitter, is actually very simple to fix.

Biodegradable glitter is becoming more readily available in Australia, and it's a quick and simple swap out from the plastic glitter that you buy in a craft store. With glitter, as you know, a little bit goes a long long way. Bioglitter comes backed in little glass jars, not plastic pouches, so it's easy to get out and easy to reseal. Bioglitter isn't just an addition to your kids makeup either, it can be used for craft projects, mixed with playdough, placed on top of nail polish with a clear coating over the top and even used for adults with cosmetic application. You don't need to glue it on your face, just use your favourite untinted lip balm.

What is The Glitter Tribe's Bioglitter made from?

It's made from cellulose from eucalyptus trees from certified plantations and environmentally sourced wood pulp.

Does it biodegrade?

Yes it does. It's Certified OK Biodegradable by TUV. The specs of this mean it's guaranteed to biodegrade in a natural freshwater environment. To do this, it needs heat, water and oxygen to break down. It also meets the standards for home composting. On average, depending on conditions, it should break down in approx 90 days.

Does it dissolve in water?

Fresh water, no. Sea water, yes.

How long will it last before it breaks down?

Stored in the glass jar, it hsa a long and stable life. It will only start biodegrading when given heat, water and oxygen.

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