The Best Shampoo Bars for Curly Hair

The Curly Girl Method is a hair maintenance regime to take care of curly hair to have it look its best. If you don't have curly hair, it's hard to understand just how difficult it is to maintain. With an AVOID LIST of shampoos, heat, combs and brushes, fragrance, sulphates, silicone and alcohol, there's not a lot of natural shampoo choices that are suited to the method and even less in our shampoo bar selection. That said, we do stock a shampoo bar and conditioner bar from two different brands that meet the criteria.

The method calls for a Once Per Week cleanse with a conditioner both before AND after the clean for wavy hair, and for curly hair, just use water and conditioner for a 'Cowash'.

From the Australian brand Nuebar

Nuebar have two products that have official Curly Girl Approved Status. They can be bought in a full size or minis to make sure they're right for your hair.

  1. Nuebar Shampoo for Curly or Dry Hair
  2. Nuebar Conditioner for All Hair Types

What sets these apart from any other curly girl approved product? They are pH balanced (so they're not made like soap, they're made like shampoo), they're certified palm oil free, 100% natural, 100% plastic free (including the packaging of the product and us shipping it to you) and they're the only Naturopath formulated shampoo and conditioner bar on the market in Australia for 'curlies' !!

For those with sensitive noses or skin, the unscented shampoo and conditioner in the Nuebar range are an effective substitute.

From the New Zealand brand Ethique

Ethique added a curl specific shampoo and conditioner / co-wash to their range in mid 2021. Professor Curl, like the Nuebar option, is soap free, pH balanced, palm oil free, plastic free and vegan. When run through a trial, 88% of users who tried Professor Curl along with the conditioner had softer and more managable curls. Professor Curl is paired with Curliosity, the conditioner and co-wash bar for curly hair. Curliosity is almost twice the size of the standard conditioner bars in the Ethique range. It's 110g as opposed to 60g.

What is a Co-wash?

A Co-wash is using conditioner to wash your hair. Why? Tight curls means more naturally dry hair (which is why Nuebar's dry shampoo is their curly shampoo) which also translates to either reducing the need to shampoo the hair or choosing the correct conditioner to do a 'Co-wash' or Conditioner Wash. Bars suitable for a co-wash need a light cleansing action along with their conditioning benefits. Both the Nuebar Conditioner Bars and the Ethique Curliosity have the right formula for a Co-wash.

For super tight curls, you can probably get away with only ever doing a Co-wash to take care of your curls the best. For wavy hair that's still curly but a lot looser curls, experiment with using your shampoo every 2nd, 3rd or 4th wash only and just use the condition for your Co-wash the majority of the time. It won't take too long to work out what method suits your own curls.

When doing the Co-wash, to give your hair a deep condition, it's not necessary to have a specific deep conditioner, just apply your conditioner bar and leave on anywhere between a few minutes to 40 minutes or more to acheive a deep condition before rinsing.



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