Best insulated water bottle - the new Eco Vessel

Eco Vessel have a range of insulated stainless steel water bottles like no other in our store. There are two main features that are not seen in any other stainless steel water bottles in our store.


While most insulated water bottles on the market are two layers of stainless steel with the air sucked out of the space between them (giving the vacuum insulation), the Eco Vessel Water Bottles have three layers of stainless steel and two vacuum cavities to provide extra insulation time.

This provides up to 36 HOURS of insulation for cold drinks and up to 8 HOURS of insulation for hot drinks.

eco-vessel-triple-insulated-lid-openUP TO 1.3 LITRE CAPACITY

One of the most common questions we get asked about our water bottles range is what's the biggest size available in an insulated water bottle. While many brands only go up to 600ml or 750ml the new Eco Vessel water bottles comes in a 1.3 litre capacity.

The bottle also has a smaller screw top opening (pictured right) and a larger wide mouth opening (remove the entire silver lid in the picture right) with a removable stainless steel strainer. The strainer can be used to hold back tea leaves, ice cubes or slices of fruit. If you don't need to use the strainer, you can simply remove it.

These bottles, along with other insulated drink bottles can be found in our water bottles category. Use our refine filters feature in the left hand column to narrow your search by volume, price, brand and more. Please contact us for any pre-sales enquiries.



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