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Bee Green Wraps New Custom Designs

Over the past 12-18 months, ever since the War On Waste aired on the ABC, reusables have become a more mainstream shopping item with many Australians converting old habits in to new and more sustainable ones. They have become so popular that when we redesigned our website last year, we restructured our whole navigation system to include a dedicated REUSABLES category. Over time, many of our brands have really started to shine with the change in people's shopping habits and our new structure reflects this.

Collectively, we have over 1,000 products available in this category. The very first reusable product we sold back in 1999 was a stainless steel water bottle. Once we realised the value of reusables, we went on the hunt for some more variety and one of the first major brands we stocked was Klean Kanteen. Back then we imported them directly from the USA. Now they're mainstream and found in stores all over the country, but they're still on our shelves too.

Back in 1999, we had no idea what beeswax wraps were and alternatives to single use cling film, baking paper and alfoil weren't even on our radar. We did delve in to the reusable produce bags back in the early days, from Onya, they were called Onya Weigh, but they were not a hit. We were a little ahead of our time back then. Now they are popular and found in fruit shops around the country.

Our popular Bee Green Wraps are back in stock now with their own fabric designs, all made from 100% organic cotton. From time to time we will still have limited edition floral prints, but the new designs will be available all the time now.

Left (above) is the FRUIT design and right (above) is their VEG design. Not pictured also features a honey-toned hex design for something a little more subtle. Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to many uses for cling film, but not all. They're perfect for wrapping sandwiches, snacks, wraps, and rolls for lunch. When you pinch them closed, they are waterproof and if you have them in an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack and it starts to sweat, your sandwich won't get soggy.

What they're not suitable for is for wrapping anything that's hot as the wax will start to melt. We also don't recommend they be used to wrap meat, although many people report that wrapping cheese in them works really well. They're great at keeping fresh produce in the fridge fresher for longer as long as it's not something with a high water content (like lettuce) which is best stored in damp fabric.

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