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Beautiful Beaches bottles - new design covers with woodgrain bottle

Beautiful Beaches Insulated Stainless Water Bottles are styled on the shape of plastic PET soft drink bottles that get created and tossed in the rubbish with abandon. They're sturdy, vacuum insulated and have a wider than normal opening for easier cleaning and the insertion of ice cubes. They won't sweat when you're carrying ICE COLD drinks, so they can be put in your kids school bag without makeing their books wet or damaging laptops or iPads.

This water bottle is vacuum insulated and is ideal for use in summer (as a drink bottle) or in winter (as a thermos flask). We've personally tested the insulation on this bottle before stocking it, and after filling one with boiling water, 24 hours later, it was still warm. They are suitable for all liquids except carbonated drinks as they may damage the seal.

The bottle comes with a neoprene pouch that hugs the bottle perfectly. It has a nylon zip closure and a carry handle. Design as pictured. Note: while neoprene can provide some added insulation, the insulation provided by the bottle is far superior.

New woodgrain insulated water bottles with pouch!

Until now the woodgrain design bottles (seen in centre of top image) have only been available to purchase on their own, but we now have them available with two designs of neoprene pouch for summer. Choose from Banana Leaf or Black Leaf pouch, while stocks last. Why protect your insulated stainless steel water bottle with a pouch? While the pouch will offer a little added insulation, the bottle is perfectly capable of insulating on its own. The carry handle is the main benefit and it stops your bottle from being scratched. And, they're fashionable!


Beautiful Beaches Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle & Pouch - 500ml Woodgrain Bottle + Banana Leaf Pouch


Beautiful Beaches Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle & Pouch - 500ml Woodgrain Bottle + Black Leaf Pouch


Also - you heard it here first - there are new designs coming in the next few weeks for the Beautiful Beaches tea flasks.

These double wall borosilicate glass tea flasks come with a stainless steel tea infuser to make and carry tea on the go. At 500ml in volume, they're more than big enough for a generous hot tea, iced tea or fruit infused drink all protected with a neoprene pouch. You can even just use as a glass water bottle and carry around water in it for the purity of glass with a little insulation.

These would be a perfect Christmas gift for a family member, or even a school teacher paired with a pack of their favourite organic tea. We will notify on social media and in our newsletter once these are available.


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