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Here's a small selection of some of our favourite products that came back in to stock this week.

DNA Elements Mama Belly Body Oil

Sometimes it's the simple things that are the most effective, and the safest. Formulated by a pharmacist with a thorough understanding of both chemistry and the natural beauty market, Mama Belly Body Oil is a synergistic blend of oils that are safe for use during pregnancy. It shines when supporting skin elasticity and to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It's also perfect for teens developing their curves. The only essential oils in the blend are citrus oils (tangerine and lemon). DNA Elements also have a beautiful natural skin care range that we will be introducing in March / April.

Full Circle Cleaning Brushes & Sponges

We have a full array of innovative and funky cleaning brushes and sponges back in our natural cleaning products aisle from Full Circle this week. Many of their brushes have replaceable heads which means less wastage in the long run. They are made from a combination of bamboo, recycled plastic and fibres. The majority of the range have little to no plastic in their packaging. To be sure, visit our plastic free category to see which products are included.

Lunchbots Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

Even with cheaper products in the range, the Luxe stainless steel lunch box from Lunchbots was still a popular choice for Back To School 2018 and we cleared the shelves off almost completely. The popular large bento box, called the Bento Trio is back in all 3 colours. The Aqua and Blue insulated food flasks in the 16oz large size are back as well, along with the coloured classic quads and the deep duo that has a removable divider? Don't need a bento? The deep duos can serve as both or visit the lunch box category for a wider selection from both Lunchbots and other leading brands.

Sylk Lubricant

After being unavailable for a very long period of time, the makers of Sylk Lubricant have it back on the market. For those of you who loved Sylk and couldn't quite find the right replacement, it is back. The formula is exactly the same as before. The one small and very positive difference is the confirmation that the vegetable glycerin in Sylk is now palm oil free. When others in the market chose to boycott brands who were stuck in the middle of the sustainable palm oil industry issues, we were proud to stand by our brands who all thought they were doing the right thing. We are slowly seeing the emergence of ingredient swaps like this one to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of palm oil that could potentially come from an unreliable source. Our Dr Bronner products use palm oil that they grow and harvest themselves.

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