Avanti Aqua Pod Flat Water Bottles arrive in store

POST UPDATE: We are no longer stocking these bottles. They have been replaced by the original flat water bottle from memobottle.





New in store this week, I wanted to introduce you to what is fast becoming my favourite water bottle in our store, and it looks like no other.

The Avanti Aqua Pad looks more like a hip flask than a traditional round water bottle. At just 3cm deep, it's flat and slips easily in to your handbag, even a clutch purse, down the side of your luggage, in the pocket of your laptop bag or anywhere there's only a sliver of space left. Since their launch, we have sold out of all our stock twice, so we're getting a large delivery in now to fill all your orders.

What is it made from?

While it may look like a glass water bottle, it's actually made from a lightweight clear, solid, bpa free tritan plastic. We have road tested other brands in similar products and the Avanti is significantly thicker in construction and also significantly cheaper. The colourful cap in the corner is unscrewed to reveal a pour spout, and while the lid is screwed in to place, the bottle is leakproof. The bottle is easy to carry, easy to drink from and easy to slip in to your handbag.

How big is it?

Above, we photographed the bottle with a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone and a regular sized iPad. We just happened to be shopping at the time! The actual measurements of the bottle are:-

  • 375ml volume
  • 12cm wide x 17.5cm tall & only 3cm deep
  • The pour spout you see in the photo above is 2cm

Squeeze it in to your lunch bag

When we did our "what fits inside my insulated lunch bag" series for back to school, one thing we noticed was that very few lunch bags could fit a lunch box and a water bottle in it. Since these bottles are flat and roughly the size of something like a Lunchbots, you can easily pack your insulated lunch bag with one of these just above or below your lunch box.

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