Arigato Bento - easy open for kids

Arigato is the bpa free bento box designed especially for kids to open and close on their own. The Arigato Bento is designed by an Aussie primary school teacher who spent 11 years watching kids struggle with their lunch box every day. It is this unique insight that helped design the bento that's just a little different to others on the market. Here's the features of the Arigato Bento Box.

Leakproof Compartments

This 5 compartment bento box has an inner lid as well as an outer lid. The inner lid features a silicone seal that keeps food in place. Like all leakproof lunch boxes, they'll be leakproof for runny foods, sauces etc, but not always for water. There's also an outer lit with its own seal, so it's double protection for your contents.

5 Compartments Shaped Just Right

There's a little sauce pot in the middle, along with a long compartment for carrot sticks etc, 2 smaller square compartments and a larger compartment for the main part of the meal, whether it's a sandwich (cut up), fruit or anything else.

Dishwasher Safe

If you don't have time to wash this one by hand, it's top rack dishwasher safe. At Shop Naturally, we prefer plastic be hand washed because it lasts longer and is less likely to break down, but you are covered under warranty for washing this one on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Easy Open Latches

Every year for Back To School, the most common question we get asked is whether kids of a certain age can open a lunch box on their own. This feature is a double edged sword, so treat it with the respect it deserves. There's 2 latches on this bento box, along the longer sides of the box. They are easy for small hands to open. The downside to this feature means it's not the lunch box to just throw in to a kids school bag and have it bounce around with books. Please keep your Arigato bento snugly inside an insulated lunch bag or place some elastic around it to keep the lid securely in place.

Kid Friendly Cutlery Included

Securely fastened on the inside of the outer lid you will find a kid friendly fork and spoon. Not only are they safe for little ones to use, but when taking cutlery to school, there can be rules around safety. There's no knife and the fork isn't overly sharp. By comparison, a travel cutlery set can set you back up to $30 and contains items that may not be suitable for young children to take to school and use unsupervised.



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