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Are you missing these 5 steps from your natural beauty regime?

We interviewed a group of customers, friends and beauty experts to learn what the typical daily beauty routine is for the average woman, and then asked the pro's which steps they think are missing from the average daily regime. Here's the results along with our top picks for the natural and organic alternatives.

ONE - Exfoliation

Virtually everyone we asked contains a cleanser and moisturiser in their natural skin care regime, but exfoliation isn't always high on the list. I know that I can be guilty of this myself as I have quite a minimalist regime.

For the face, we have two favourites from Acure Organics. The Acure Brightening Facial Scrub has been a customer favourite for a long time now. Joining it is the new Acure Pore Refining Scrub. We will be making samples of both of these available for sale very soon. We also love the Erica Brooke Shine Bright Face Exfoliant and it's priced so well, you won't feel guilty using it all over your body.

Don't want to use product? For a gentle daily exfoliation, the use of a Konjac sponge does the job very nicely. If you have sensitive skin, you may not want to use it every day.

For the body, while we have a few 'products' that are great, I always head back to my trusty dry body brush because I can reach my back on my own, and you get this amazing feeling on your skin as you brush, like you're gently scratching an itch. It's divine. We have two in store, the Bodecare is a little softer than the Bass, although the Bass is the only one that stands up to being used wet as well. Both have removable handles. Brush the body and pop a bit of coconut oil on afterwards and you have a budget friendly whole body solution. Pop over to the essential oils category for some Tea Tree Oil to keep the brush bristles clean and sanitary.

TWO - Dental Floss

This one came to me via my dentist. To reduce plaque build up, floss after brushing both morning and night. While the dentist wants me to do it to reduce the build of up plaque, your radiant smile will look just that little more amazing when you floss. Some commercial flosses contain teflon, so choosing a natural dental floss is a safer alternative. Trying to cut down on useless plastic in your life? The packaging on the Dr Tungs is biodegradable. To give your pearly whites an extra kick, a charcoal teeth whitener can also boost that smile up a couple of shades in a few days without costing the earth with professional treatments and is shown to be a far superior natural alternative than using coconut oil and oil pulling is.

THREE - Evening facial cleansing

I am seriously guilty of this one. While I'm not really a natural makeup person, it doesn't mean I shouldn't cleanse my skin at the end of the day. If you are wearing makeup, it is a must to remove it properly. Sometimes your regular cleanser may work, otherwise, check out our natural makeup remover category for specifically formulated products or a selection of pure oils that work well too.

FOUR - SPF protection

If you're reading this, you're probably using a natural sunscreen. Since their active ingredient is zinc oxide, not only can they be drying on the skin, but they're more than likely to cast a little white shadow on the face. When people ask my advice in this category, as soon as they mention they want a sunscreen for their face, and they're using it daily, I always recommend one of the SPF tinted BB or CC Creams from Andalou Naturals. They're not waterproof, so they're no good on beach day, but for every day use when the sun is hitting your face periodically (and you're not about to dive in the ocean), they are a must. The face specific sunscreens are formulated to be more moisturising and nourishing, and as such, they do cost a little more, but trust me, if you're using one every day, you want to do it.

FIVE - Protecting heat treated hair

If you use a hair dryer or hair straightener every day, you'll be surprised at just how different your hair will feel if you use a protection product. I rarely use a hair dryer myself, and when I purchased one recently so my head wasn't cold in the morning, I noticed that my hair felt different, and that was even using a high end Parlux dryer. There are natural alternatives available. From the Giovanni range, the 2chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Flat Out Styling Mist is a must. Also look out for the new Cherry Blossom and the Pineapple Ginger Leave In Conditioners from Giovanni coming soon to our natural hair products range.

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