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Acure Dry Oil Body Spray

When we first saw the new Dry Oil Body Spray from Acure Organics, we were wondering what on earth it was and what you were supposed to do with it. It's a really interesting concept, and quite a hybrid product that can be used for a few things.

Body Spray / Perfume

Do you have a teenager that wants to start wearing a perfume body spray but you don't want them lugging around aerosols and sprays with warning labels on them? When I was a teen, we were all creating a scented cloud with cans of Impulse. This is a far more natural option. It's available in 3 scents, and the one that teens love the most is the Coconut. It is also available in Citrus Ginger and Rose. For a teen that's a little self conscious about their smell, it can hide anything that a natural deodorant may not catch on a super sweaty day at school and the coconut version reminds me of when we used to put coconut tanning lotion on ourselves at the beach.

Quick Body Hydration

If you need to add a little moisture to your arms or legs (or anywhere on your body) but you don't have the time to moisturise, the Dry Oil Body Spray will give you some moisture while being super quick to apply and absorb. Just spritz and you're ready to go.

Hair Hydration

The Dry Oil Body Spray also makes an excellent addition to your natural hair care regime. Formulated with marula oil and argan oil, both oils are a just as much at home in a natural skin care regime too. While using the pure oils as treatments, they can be heavy and need to be used overnight. If you have dry or flyaway hair and you want to tame and moisturise it a little, it doesn't take much of the Dry Oil Body Spray to do the job. Just be mindful of how much you spray on to fine hair so you don't weigh it down.

After Shave

While the scents don't necessarily suit a man, women shave too. Soothe your skin after shaving your legs with the Dry Oil Body Spray. A quick spritz on your legs and you're good to go, and as a bonus, you will smell amazing.

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All three scents are available for purchase in store. From left to right

  1. Acure Dry Oil Body Spray in Coconut
  2. Acure Dry Oil Body Spray in Citrus Ginger
  3. Acure Dry Oil Body Spray in Rose


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