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808 Dude full range now available

If it's time for your teen boy to start using personal care products, there is a dedicated range of natural personal care products formulated for teen boys. It's not just what's inside the tube that counts either, the branding is aimed at teen boys too. If getting them to use your Lavender scented Dr Bronner's in the shower or a floral scented face wash is impossible (and let's face it, they don't want to share personal care products with their parents or their sisters either), then you can put these no fuss products from 808 Dude in your bathroom just for the boys.

FOR DAILY USE || One product, 3 uses, zero fuss. They can use this to lather from head to toe, this one tube is their natural shampoo and their liquid body wash as well. On days where they're not treating acne issues, this one is also a face wash. Just make sure they keep their eyes closed.

FOR DAILY USE || This natural deodorant is a soothing aloe vera based formula scented with essential oils that give it an earthy & woody scent. It will still allow them to sweat, so there's no blocking their pores with aluminium, but they won't 'stink' either. It features cedarwood, bergamot, cypress and other essential oils in the blend.

FOR DAILY USE or WHEN ACNE IS PRESENT || Convincing your teen boy that they need to use natural skin care might be tough for some mums. This zit free face wash makes that sell just a little easier, especially if your son has acne prone skin. The face wash can be used daily as a preventative for acne or just when acne is flared up. Unlike the shampoo & body wash, the face wash is boosted with guarana, ginseng, witch hazel, soothing chamomile and other anti-inflammatory ingredients to heal skin and reduce pain from acne. For acne troubled teens, it's a good idea to add this in to their daily regime, otherwise, keep it just for flare ups. The choice is yours.

ACNE SPOT TREATMENT || For use with acne flare ups, the spot free gel is a concentrated formula contains manuka honey and a combination of essential oils, tamanu oil, sea buckthorn oil and other anti-acne and anti-inflammatory natural ingredients. As a spot treatment, this one is not too heavily scented and this natural acne treatment can also be used by girls without the scent being off putting.

Save every day by getting all three daily products in a pack with a zip up toiletry bag. You get a full size version of the Shampoo & Body Wash + the Zit Free Face Wash and the Deodorant.

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