5 things to use your Sol Cups box for

One of the things we love the most about the Sol reusable coffee cup is the lovely box they come packaged in. The box is made from sturdy cardboard and printed with a fun zig zag pattern in the same colour as the cup you brought. Best of all it has no branding on this patterned section of the box, so it is perfect to reuse around your house, or for gift giving.

Some ideas for re purposing the box once you unpack your lovely new coffee cup are:

1) Use it to store your Hannahpads in. The gorgeous patterns of the Hannahpad reusable menstrual pads look perfect in these boxes and it can be a easy (but yet attractive) way to store them in your bathroom in between uses. Another option is to purchase one of our starter packs, package in your Sol Cups box and then gift to a friend or family member who has yet to try Hannahpad. If you have a teen in your life then the Hannahpad Pack - Period Intro Pack is perfect (it contains a few little treats that they will appreciate), otherwise we have the Hannahpad Pack - Ultimate Starter Pack which contains a selection of pads along with a large sized organic chocolate, a large wheatbag, and our favourite natural laundry detergent to soak and clean your pads with.

2) Fill it with macarons and gift to the host of the next dinner party you are invited to. ( Be sure to stick around and eat them with your friend, because macarons are pretty awesome :) )


3) Use your Sol Cups box to store your reusable straws in on your kitchen bench. Straws are a great product to have on hand to eliminate single use waste, and in addition to that if they make it more enticing for your kids to drink a green smoothie every now and then - win win situation!

4) Store your favourite natural skin care or natural makeup products on your bedside table, or in the bathroom. When you are purchasing luxe products for yourself then they deserve to be stored in a special box! As mentioned above, also a great way to package a gift for someone special. The Erica Brooke Skincare range even sell small sample sized products which would be perfect for this.


5) Store your colouring pencils in it. Great for the kids room, or on your desk at work - keep some colouring pencils and your favourite colouring book nearby for when you need a little creative down time.


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