5 Hot New Vegan Products

You don't have to exclusively live the vegan lifestyle to help the environment and enjoy these products. Many people are adopting what's called a flexitarian lifestyle, where they will eat meat and fish occasionally but not very often. The rest of the time, their choices will be vegan. Some of these products are in store now, some are on their way and this is a sneak peek at them.

Vegan Suncreen from Simple As That

This is by far THE hottest vegan sunscreen in the natural sunscreen arena and a new baby version is going to be available by the end of the month. The new formula has omitted the Raspberry Seed Oil which may be of concern for super delicate skin, and replaced with Chamomile and some other ingredients. I had the opportunity to see it in action today and it's going to be the new favourite for so many. Of course, it can be used on adults as well, the SPF protection is identical.

Vegan Shampoo Bars from The Australian Natural Soap Company

These have not hit our shelves yet, but will be with us by the end of the week. We have sold shampoo bars for years now. The range from Beauty & The Bees is extensive and so popular we struggle to keep enough on the shelves. Since they contain leatherwood honey and beeswax, they are not suitable for our vegan customers. We have been meaning to add the new shampoo bars from ANSC for a couple of years now after meeting them at an expo, but were side-tracked with a few other projects. It comes in their original bar, and a dedicated bar for oily hair, sensitive scalps and also for dry hair. They also have a pet shampoo that we will be adding. They will be announced in our newsletter next week.

Vegan Dental Floss from Dr Tung's

This has been around for several weeks now, but it's certainly the latest product to their range and to ours in the natural dental floss category. Dr Tung's took their bestselling Smart Floss and made vast improvements to it. The stretchy thread stayed but the plastic container is gone and so is the beeswax, replaced with a recyclable container made from cardboard and a biodegradable corn starch bag inside and candelilla wax instead of beeswax.

A new water based Kids Nail Polish

We are the holder of many secrets and today I can let one out of the bag! No Nasties are releasing a kids water based natural nail polish before Christmas. We have had 2 brands in the past. One went out of the business and the other the quality just wasn't there. We have also seen others that are water based but have phenoxyethanol in them and propylene glycol, which just isn't acceptable for us when children put little fingers in mouths. It's one thing for us to allow the smallest amount of phenoxyethanol in an adult wash off, but in kids nail polish, no way.

If you're looking for a really safe and natural childrens makeup set this Christmas, you will be able to add some nail polish to it very soon.

Vego Spread

If you were lucky enough to secure a jar of Vego Spread in our first batch, you will know that this delicious vegan chocolate hazelnut spread rivals the mainstream staple everyone loves. We, of course, had to open a jar and eat it with a spoon and do a taste test. We have a fresh batch of stock arriving any day now and it will be the last stock available until next year. It's also palm oil free, unlike the supermarket counterpart.

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