4 things to try this new year

The new year, and January first is a time that many people make resolutions, and unfortunately by mid January, most have been given up on. We aren't suggesting you give up sugar, or sign up for expensive gym memberships that you stop using a few weeks later here. But we have come up with a few very simple swaps that you might like to try.

Whether it is to reduce your plastic waste, buying a water filter and using a glass water bottle instead of throwing away single use bottles, or to try some simple swaps to natural skin care products, there are lots of small things you can do to reduce your impact on the earth, or your chemical exposure.

Here are a few simple (and inexpensive) swaps you might want to consider trying...


Try a tongue scraper

Modern research confirms that tongue cleaning is the best way to remove the bacteria that cause bad breath. Tongue cleansing can also help improve taste, remove the coating on the tongue and slow the growth of plaque.

Our tongue cleaners are pre-curved to give precise control, removing bacteria and soft plaque in seconds. Made from stainless steel which is impervious to bacteria and more comfortable and gentle on the tongue than plastic.


Use charcoal to whiten your teeth

While we are on the topic of mouth and dental care - if you haven't tried a charcoal teeth whitener yet - then you really should!

Using 4 all natural ingredients, My Magic Mud is the original detoxifying tooth powder. This charcoal teeth whitener uses activated coconut shell charcoal, bentonite clay, organic orange extract and mint extract, this fluoride free and chemical free formula whitens teeth, helps fight plaque and has shown to help reduce tooth sensitivity over time.


Give natural deodorant a go

So many people have made the switch to natural deodorant but if you are one who hasn't yet then take a browse through this category on our site and give one a go. We have a huge range of formulations with some brands even offering smaller trial sizes so you can give it a go without committing to a full jar.


BYO shopping bag and reduce plastic packaging

If you follow along our Facebook page you will know how excited we get each time the government and the big retailers take another step closer to banning plastic bags. We have plenty of options in store for reusable produce bags whether you are looking for something to pick up your fresh loaf of bread in, to take to the fruit shop to put your loose veggies into, or a reusable sandwich bag for your child's lunch box.



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