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26 ways to use hemp seed products in your kitchen

Hemp seeds, oil and protein powder have been able to be sold for human consumption in Australia for a few months now and bags, bottles and containers are literally flying off our shelves. We are loving seeing and hearing how people are experimenting with using them, and below have shared 26 ways that you can use hemp seeds, hemp seed oil or hemp protein powder in your cooking.

11 ways to use Hemp seeds

* Make hemp milk. Use the ratio of 1:3 hemp seeds to water and a small pinch of salt. Blend in your Vitamix blender until smooth and creamy. You can strain the milk for a smoother texture, but to retain all the nutritional benefits you are best to not strain. This will last approx 4 days in a very cold fridge.

* Add to your smoothie

* Sprinkle on top of your favourite smoothie or smoothie bowl for some texture and a lovely nutty flavour.

* Add to home made granola

* Add to oatmeal for some delicious crunch

* Add to your chia seed pudding

* Sprinkle on top of a salad or added to your salad dressing. If you are taking the salad to work for lunch, check out the 'on the go' range of glass food jars from Kilner where you can keep your toppings separate from the salad and them just as you are about to eat. These jars are also perfect for yoghurt and granola and can be purchased in two sizes.

* Use as a breadcrumbs substitute to crumb chicken

* Add to your home made pesto instead of pine nuts to increase the protein content

* Make a simple snack of a banana sliced in half, spread with nut butter and sprinkle hemp seeds on top

* Eat them straight from the bag - a great well rounded snack!


9 ways to use Hemp oil

* Add to Tabouli

* Drizzle on your favourite salad

* Add to your hummus

* On top of roast vegetables when serving

* On top of popcorn

* Blend into your pesto

* Add to your smoothie. Pop the smoothie in a travel mug and take it to work with you for morning tea, or drink it while on the bus / in the car for breakfast.

* Add to your home made nut butter for an extra creamy and nutty flavour

* Drizzle over your pasta, or zoodles


6 ways to use Hemp protein powder

* Add to your home made nut butter to increase the protein content

* Add to your smoothies or shakes

* Sprinkle on yoghurt or fruit salad

* Use to replace some of the flour when baking muffins brownies, cakes and bread. Around 25% ratio is a good place to start

* Use in your favourite bliss ball and protein ball recipe

* Add to granola bars


organic hemp seeds

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Note: It is important to note that hemp products are better raw, and you should not cook with the oil, ever. Instead drizzle it over your already cooked foods.

Hemp seeds can also be used to DIY your own natural skin care products and we will cover some ideas for that in a future blog post!

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