2018 designs in the Camelbak Kids range

One of our most popular water bottle choices for kids each year is the Eddy Kids range from Camelbak. Why? This drink bottle has a few features that other bottles don't, and when you're looking for a drink bottle for little kids, they are important.

NOT TOO HEAVY - made from BPA Free Tritan Eastman plastic, it's lighter than both stainless steel and a glass water bottle and is far more difficult to damage if you drop it. Let's face it, little kids drop water bottles, so this is always a big one for us.

SPILLPROOF LID - there's a difference between spillproof and leakproof. When a bottle is leakproof, when the lid is in the CLOSED position, water won't come out. When a bottle's lid is in the OPEN position, you may get one or two drops come out, but the water won't come cascading out of the bottle. The Camelbak Eddy Kids is spillproof. It is the perfect step up from a sippy lid. When the bite valve is in the upright position, your child needs to bite and suck to get a drink. When they let go, the valve closes. If they drop it in the car, water won't go everywhere.

SAFETY LID - Unlike the adult versions of the Eddy bottle, the silicone bite valve looks different and must be placed on from the underside of the lid. It is impossible for your child to pull it off and attempt to swallow it while the lid is on.

At just 17.5cm tall, it is at home in most sized cooler bags with your kids bento box or beeswax wraps holding their sandwiches. The lid is not 100% leakproof when closed, so we do recommend standing this one up if you're going to carry it around in a lunch bag for any length of time.

The 4 new designs are Bees, Dragons, Scuba and Space.

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