Plant Based Meat

The plant based meat industry is truly in its infancy and it's fascinating to watch. In the past, soy has played a big part in meat alternatives, but that's changing. With brands like Beyond Meat available in mainstream supermarkets in the fridge section. Many of the products on the market do require refrigeration. Here at Shop Naturally, we are curating a range of shelf stable plant based meat alternatives.

Flexible Foods are the first shelf stable option on the market in Australia. Made with texturised pea protein instead of soy, each packet makes up 400g of mince. Choose from flavoured options or plain PLUS a blend specifically formulated to form in to patties for burgers. Whether you're a full time vegan or vegetarian or just choosing to go Meat Free for some of your weekly meals, there's something delicious and nutritionally balanced for every tastebud.


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