How do we select our range?

Every product in store is hand selected by store owner Joanne Musgrave using a strict set of criteria. We are a little more inclusive than other stores in this space (for example we are not 100% vegan, 100% sugar free, 100% gluten free, 100% sustainable palm oil free or 100% chemical preservative free), however, we have a FULL DISCLOSURE POLICY on every product in store and will be happy to guide either towards OR away from any product to ensure you get exactly what you need.

All products selected in these major categories need to be made only from natural ingredients, with the following exceptions:-

  • A small amount of lab derived preservative (less than 1% - usually far less) may be permitted in wash off products for adults. NEVER for children or babies. The ingredients will always be disclosed. For many, these choices are a budget concern. Others may be allergic to natural preservatives or essential oils and are far better off with a safer chemical preservative. These ingredients still need to hold a reasonable safety score on the EWG's Skin Deep Database. It is a common myth that natural automatically means safe and that lab derived automatically means unsafe. 

  • We do not stock products that are tested on animals, however, we do have products with honey, silk and boar bristles in them. We certainly understand that not every product in the store will be right for every shopper.

  • Any product that may contain a hidden palm oil derivative comes from RSPO approved palm oil. We are aware of the controversy around this subject and are in constant conversations wiith our suppliers about phasing this out. We are currently working through researching every product in store and marking those that are truly 100% palm oil free with an icon. It is a work in progress.  

All essential oils in store are 100% natural. They may be diluted with a carrier oil, but nothing synthetic or lab derived. Some essential oils are certified organic, but not everything. The Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade markings on doTERRA are not an industry recognised marking and is a registered trademark of doTERRA.They are 100% natural but hold no formal industry certification.

They should always be diluited before using them on the skin and are not suitable for ingestion unless done so with the guidance of a trained professional.

We have a very strict set of criteria for food in our store. We do not allow artificial colours, flavours or preservatives under ANY circumstances. We do not allow plastic in our tea bags. We do not exclude products on the basis of their sugar content nor potential allergens. If you have severe allergies, the exclusion of gluten in the ingredients list still potentially holds the product open to cross contamination. If a product is made on a dedicated allergen production line, we will mention this in the product description.

We have a very strict policy in store for any container, utensil or implement designed to touch your food or drink. They must be BPA Free. We keep plastic to a minimum where possible. Plastic products made from Tritan Eastman plastic are also tested to be BPS free.

Placing Orders

We pride ourselves on a speedy depatch service. Most parcels leave our warehouse the day they are placed or the following day. For guaranteed same day despatch, choose Express Post and get your order in before the countdown timer gets to zero. Find it on the top right hand cover of any page of the website and will tell you how long you have left (not available on mobile devices). Check our Shipping Page for the latest Express Post cut off time.

After your order leaves our warehouse, your delivery time is dependant on the services of either Austalia Post or Fastway, depending on who you chose. While we can give you an estimate, there is no guaranteed delivery time for the services.

As an online store, we don't have a dedicated phone line or customer support team on standby. Please use the green HELP button on the bottom right hand corner of any page of the website to contact us. If we can't assist you via email, we are happy to get your phone number and give you a call.

I'm sorry, we don't take phone orders. All orders need to be placed online. If you have any pre-sales questions or you're having difficulties, please contact us and if we can't help you via email, someone can call you to complete your transaction.

All products that are in stock are clearly marked as IN STOCK NOW. For speedy service, we only sell what's physically in our own warehouse. We have a small selection of products marked SPECIAL ORDER that will take additional time to arrive. When a product is out of stock, you can use our stock notification system to be alerted by email when it arrives back on our shelves. Once in a blue moon, we might have a miscount and be out of something, but you will be notified promptly if this happens. We may also mark an IN STOCK NOW item as IN TRANSIT in the text when we know it's only a day or two away.


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