Light My Fire

Light My Fire is a company of Sweish origin who design a practical range of innovative products to use while camping and outdoors. We have taken a shine to their reusable cutlery range, for some alternatives to bamboo cutlery, as not everyone likes the feel of it in their mouth. For our first offering, we have chosen two different styles of sporks - spoon one end and a fork with a gentle side 'knife like' serration for simple cutting.

BPA Free Sporks - come in a 2 pack and are available in the original size and extra medium, which is larger. They're lightweight, durable and can be used over and over again, but they will wear over time.

Titanium Spork - for a once in a lifetime investment (much like our stainless steel pegs), as long as you're not prone to losing things, this titanium spork is a worthwhile investment. It's stronger than the plastic version, it's lightweight, so if you're camping or hiking, every little piece of weight counts, and it won't blunt or dull.

Either option will slide in to your insulated lunch bag with ease along with your lunch box, any snacks and fruit.

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