InovaAir Air Purifier

With the combination of H13 medical grade HEPA filtration at 0.003 microns at 100% (independently tested) and carbon filters up to 6kg in capacity, InovaAir lead the way in Australian made quality air purifiers. The E20 and DE20 AirClean purifiers are the only Australian made purifier that is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice Program. It is the attention to detail with the quality of the materials, the plastic free construction, energy efficient German engineered fan and air flow design that makes them stand out as the leader in their field in Australia.

  • AirClean E7 - suits allergy and asthma sufferers in bedrooms and small offices. Only medical grade HEPA air purifier in Australia in this price range. Carbon filter is a final stage carbon wrap that sits inside the HEPA filter.
  • AirClean E8 - same size as the E7. Medical grade HEPA filtration for allergies and asthma plus a 2.5kg activated carbon filter for high capacity chemical and VOC removal along with bushfire smoke.
  • AirClean E20 - effective in large areas up to 100m2. Suits allergy and asthma sufferers + highly effective in removing dust, mould spores and musty odours. 6kg activated carbon filter for high capacity chemical and VOC removal, off-gassing from new furniture, pollution from passing traffic, odours and bushfire smoke. National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program approved.
  • AirClean DE20 - identical filtration to the E20. Digital controls for precise speed control and Filter Check system without removing the case and physically inspecting them.

For bushfire smoke removal, we recommend at minimum, the E8 for small rooms only and the E20 or DE20 for larger living areas.

Please note: InovaAir is excluded from our Eco Rewards first order discount. There is an approx 3-4 day wait for dispatch.


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