Cheeki Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

Cheeki have two diffierent options in their lunch boxes range, each with different variations in size or colour. Their stainless steel lunch boxes are made from 100% stainless steel and nothing else. They are the ultimate reusable and can be used for years. Like the full Cheeki range, they also come in plastic free packaging for the true plastic free shopping experience. The lids fit snugly, but they are not leakproof.

  • THE EVERYDAY - a 1 layer lunch box 500ml in capacity. Suits most kids and regular sized lunches
  • THE DOUBLE STACKER - has the same lid size as The Everyday, but with 2 layers.
  • THE HUNGRY MAX - the same style as The Everyday, but it's HUGE!! At just over 3x the capacity, it is the largest stainless steel lunch box in store.

For a truly leakproof experience, the Cheeki Insulated Food Jars are your pick. They provide 8 hours hot insulation and 12 hour scold insulation. While these are not plastic free, they have a unique feature in the lid not found in many products in this category. The inner lid has a button to vent the steam out. If you have ever put a piping hot soup or casserole in to a food jar and had trouble getting the lid off a couple of hours later, you will be grateful for this feature. It releases any vacuum caused by a build up of steam and heat. At 480ml in capacity, they are available in 3 colours with drink bottles in matching colours available.


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