Change Cleaning Tablets

It makes sense that Change was founded by the person who created one of the first Australian dedicated stainless steel water bottle brands in Australia, Cheeki. Change follows the philosophy of reducing the need for single use plastic in to the world of cleaning products. Instead of having a fresh plastic bottle each time you need more product like you would do when you shop at the supermarket, Change have a series of cleaning tablets that dissolve in to water you get from your own tap. The quality spray bottle in the starter pack only need to be bought once. From then, you just buy replacement tablets. At an average cost of $2 a tablet (even cheaper when you buy an 8 pack), it's not only a significant reduction in single use plastic, it's a significant reduction in the cost of your cleaning products.

Change are formulated on a base of natural ingredients. They are ammonia and chlorine free and do contain a small amount of safe lab derived ingredients for performance. It wasn't possible to get the tablet and the performance without them. We have read through independent test results for all products in the range while doing our ingredients study. The safety of a ingredient does not come down to whether it's natural or lab derived. Arsenic and lead are natural elements and we would never allow them in anything in our store.


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