Agreena Wraps

Agreena Wraps are a unique product in the reusables market. Made from pure silicone, they can wrap, seal and bake, replacing cling film, aluminium foil and baking paper. They are infinitely reusable and will last for years when taken care of. They are simple to wash and store. This is an Australian invention as seen on kick starter and we were proud to help with the official online launch when they were first released. They are now a household name with lots of positive reviews.

If you're packing sandwiches a lot and don't want to carry a bulky lunch box around with you when you're done, you can use an Agreena wrap to wrap a sandwich, a salad wrap or anything else that usually goes in to a box. If you have them inside your insulated lunch bag with an ice pack, any condensation that comes off the ice pack won't ruin your food as they're waterproof.  If you prefer natural and biodegradable materials, you can also do the same thing with beeswax wraps.


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