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Waters Co Bio Mineral Pot Ace 1.9L Water Filter Jug with 99.99% fluoride removal

Remove up to 99.99% of fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, lead and more. Filter kit lasts up to 2 years. Re-mineralises water all for 2 cents per litre. Cheaper and better quality filtration than budget jugs over the 2 year lifespan.

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  • Removes up to 99.99% of fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, lead, copper, aluminium, mercury, cadmium
  • Comes with a filter kit that lasts up to 2 years*
  • BPA Free Jug
  • Remineralise your water
  • Costs 2 cents per litre to run
  • Vegan

The Waters Co Bio Mineral Pot has had a redesign. It is the same filtration system from the original jug in a more compact and slimline design.

The jug uses a 10 stage filtration system comprising of a prefilter, activated carbon filter medium, ion exchange resin, bio organic alkaline minerals, organic germanium, far infrared and magnets. They filter out chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, nitrate, odours, sediment, bacteria, cysts & viruses. At the same time, the filtration system adds around 60 bio organic trace minerals & restructures the water molecules to significantly increase cellular hydration, adding 'Ki' (Life energy). And best of all, it produces some of the cleanest & purest tasting water you'll ever drink.

Your filter comes with a filter kit to last up to 2 years or 4,800 litres of water. The pre-filters at the very top of your filter jug are changed frequently as they get dirty, the top filter is changed every 6 months and the other two pieces in the filter kit last you for up to 2 years. You get all that in your kit.

In this new design, the top cover opens up for easy filling and the filter funnel is positioned inside the jug. A filter replacement date indicator is also built in to the lid to remind you when change your cartridges.



* the life span of your water filter can vary depending on your water quality

Measurements Height 27cm
Length 25.5cm
Width 11.5cm
Capacity 900ml in the funnel + 1 litre in the jug
Filtration Rate 2 to 3 litres per hour
16-20 minutes to fill the jug
Made in Korea


About Waters Co

Remove fluoride, chlorine and other contaminants. Add valuable trace minerals back in to your water all for just 2 cents per litre. Buying cheap supermarket filters is false economy. The 1.5 litre Ace Pot is cheaper to run than a Brita Jug over the 2 year lifespan of the filter pack that comes with your initial purchase.

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(88 reviews)  

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Oct 30, 2015
I have been using the Waters Co Bio Mineral Pot For About 4 years now and it is the best water filter I have ever had. After a week you will notice your body feels so much more hydrated. Also you will notice this energy which you feel so much better on a daily basis. It is so cheap to run as well compare to other bottled waters and also you know the minerals are going back in the water unlike other ones where they strip everything out of our water leaving no minerals at all. So it pretty much is an amazing product and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to look after their health. Our bodies are made up of mostly water so when you think about it we need to make sure the water we are consuming is pure and fresh on daily basis. This is the most important thing.
You will love drinking water after you have tried this. Like that other lady was saying yes at start when you first put filter you might taste this earthy kind of taste but once you let it run and follow there video on their website it goes away. As soon as you drink it you feel this amazing good energy. My skin has also improved so much which other people will notice.
I did a test on myself and went back to drinking normal water for a week and it was so strange I felt like I had no energy, bloated even though I was drinking the same amount of water with filter. You will notice after a week instant results. You can't go wrong when it comes to your health.

The best purchase I have ever made!!
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William Parmelee
Dec 29, 2014
Great product for a mobile water filtration system. Included are tests for chlorine and magnesium, would have been great to have a test for fluoride which is the main reason I ordered this product. But overall fantastic.
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Tiana Hope
Oct 13, 2014
I love this product. The water tastes great and I like the testing kit that comes with it so you can actually see the difference the jug makes to your water. Be warned though, setting it up is not quick. The instructions also say to waste the first couple of jugs of water, which I did, and I tipped them straight out but I think you need to let them soak for a couple of hours before you tip them out, as my first couple of jugs after that smelled a bit funny and tasted a bit earthy. The water is perfect now though. Very Happy. It might be my imagination, but I'm sure i do not retain as much water as I used to or bloat as much, because of this product.
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Tarla Geary
Jun 5, 2015
This was easy to assemble. It does take a little bit of time with all the filters, but definitely worth it. The water did have a earthy smell and taste to it for a few jug fulls, even though I thoroughly rinsed and soaked the filters, But now the water tastes great. Just be sure to only fill it to where the spout comes out. Over filling will cause the water to overflow. Very happy with this water filter.
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Mrs. Julie Korowe
Sep 8, 2015
What a great product! I've never tasted such clean and fresh tasting water. Its really easy to put together and such a great size you can take it travelling.
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Waters Co Bio Mineral Pot Ace 1.9L Water Filter Jug with 99.99% fluoride removal