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Joanne Musgrave - Founder, General Manager

Joanne created Shop Naturally out of sheer necessity and has grown in to an amazing business, greater than ever anticipated. Joanne needed to make drastic changes to all the products she used in her home and food she ate as a part of the healing journey to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Before Shop Naturally, Joanne had a background in web design, internet marketing, purchasing, logistics and team management.

James Musgrave - Director

James brings his marketing & adveriting expertise to Shop Naturally with 20+ years experience in radio advertising and internet marketing. James enjoys helping keeping the store eco-friendly by collecting all of our recycled packaging material from local businesses and eats way too much chocolate off the shelves! He is an authority in the obstacle racing community and runs a boutique web development company with Joanne. Shop Naturally is their biggest client.

Amanda Law - Warehouse Manager

Amanda runs the warehouse and is reponsible for overseeing all the stock that comes in and out of the Shop Naturally warehouse. It's a big job! Amanda has been with Shop Naturally since the first year of operation and has a background in retail management.

The Warehouse Team

Shop Naturally also has a team of warehouse staff who pack your orders each day and help restock the shelves at the end of each day. Without them, the whole place comes to a standstill.