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This marketing manifesto is our promise to you that we will conduct ourselves with integrity when marketing our products, setting prices, running promotions and giving you information on the products within our store.

Please find some extras below, along with further explanation of the 6 Key Points in our manifesto above.

We will not use fear or guilt to sell a product
You're here because you want to choose natural alternatives to main stream products produced with additives, chemical preservatives and petrochemicals, and that's great! We're here to show you some great products on offer, but not to frighten or guilt you in to purchasing them. Unless you have an underlying health condition that requires you to stay away from mainstream products or a particular ingredient, the world isn't coming to an end if you use the wrong shampoo or soap. I live my own life by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I behave for my health, 20% of the time, pure sanity and pleasure win out. Make your own judgement call on where you draw the line.

If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, don't exaggerate!
We don't sell miracles. Nothing in our store is going to make you look 5 years younger after two weeks. There's no magic weight loss cure. What you'll find is good quality, natural & organic ingredients that will reduce the toxic load on your body. Once you reduce the load, your body will start to heal itself. The magic is inside YOU, not one of the bottles in our store.

Just eat real food
We sell a variety of supplements & superfoods. We have a very strict zero tolerance policy in this category for artificial colours, flavours & preservatives and for BPA in the packaging of all consumable products. Some businesses in this industry feel it's appropriate to tell people to substitute eating real food with one of their products. We find this practice abhorrent. They're called supplements for a reason and should be taken in conjunction with a well balanced diet.

All the pricing on our site is real, including any FREE SHIPPING offers, which are genuinely funded out of our bottom line, not your wallet. We don't jack up the price of products to cover a free shipping deal. We don't jack up the price of products to make the discount seem bigger than it is. We don't jack up the price of products to fund fancy ad campaigns.

With a significant number of heavy & low cost items in our store, our shipping charges are calculated on a 'user pays' system, depending on the weight of the parcel & your location. Approx. 35-40% of all orders placed with us qualify for a discount and/or free shipping.

We do NOT price match. Why? As mentioned above, around 35% of orders placed with us receive a discount anyway. For us to price match, we would either need to:-
a) drop our staff's wages to minimum wage or push them to work harder than we feel is appropriate
b) stop being generous with the 35% who already get deals
c) stop giving money to charity every month
We are not prepared to do any of these things. Our staff, charity programs and existing happy customers are more important to us than winning the sale of a potential new customer on price alone.

We spend very little on advertising. When we do, we prefer to support small, Australian mumpreneurs who have the ear of our audience and share our moral code of ethics. We're not remotely interested in throwing money at ad agencies or paying to get in main stream magazines. A Shop Naturally ad will NEVER appear in a gossip rag.

We're truly grateful for the numerous editorial mentions we receive each month in numerous natual & eco magazines, including Nature & Health, Green Lifestyle, Peppermint, the Body + Soul liftout from the Sunday paper and many more that we've simply lost track of over time.

We know that Word Of Mouth is the best form of advertising, and our lack of advertising spending is what funds the discounts that 35% of you receive every day of the year.

We're proud to work with brands that don't care about celebrity. The brands we work with work tirelessly to create amazing products and advertise them in the natural health world. This means a portion of the purchase price isn't going to a movie star or a supermodel.

I do not seek mainstream media attention for myself or the store, paid or otherwise. We are grateful for the exposure that happens as a result of the media being excited about what we do. Hearing positive feedback from customers excites me more than a clipping from a magazine or newspaper.

Anecdotal evidence vs scientific research
Anecdotal evidence is a testimonial from someone who's found a product to perform a certain way, or a research study done with out the usual 'double blind' placebo stuff. Scientific research is conducted by qualified professionals who adhere to a strict set of guidelines and publish their findings in peer reviewed publications.

Many natural products simply do not have funded scientific research. Why? The manufacturers do not have the money for the research and the medical industry have no vested interest in proving a food or supplement will do the job of a drug a pharmaceutical company produce.

This leaves us with only being able to provide anecdotal evidence with many products. When we offer anecdotal evidence, terminology like 'this product may help reduce wrinkles' will be used and not 'this product will make you look 5 years younger in 2 weeks'.

It is up to you to use your own judgement when using anecdotal evidence to make a product choice. All customer reviews on the website are the words of our customers, and completely unedited.

'Must have' purchases
We won't ever tell you that you can't or shouldn't live without something we sell. (If we sold air, light or water, it might be a different story!)

Your life can be fulfilling and complete without organic lipstick, foundation, concealer, fake tan, organic chocolate or co-ordinated nail polish. If you want them, fabulous :) We have some amazing natural & organic products on offer. If you don't want them, that's fine too.

I meet too many women with poor self-esteem to feel comfortable playing a role in the marketing of beauty products as an 'every day essential' to women. We offer a great selection of both skin care & makeup to those who wish to purchase them, many of which are used by myself and the staff.

Should you come across any old content on our website that you feel doesn't fall within these guidelines, we welcome it being brought to our attention (contact us HERE via email).

Should you come across any pricing that falls outside these guidelines, please let us know. Suppliers change pricing without telling us. Some products are available from multiple sources and their pricing can differ. We will investigate any discrepancy brought to our attention..