Wotnot Self Tanning Lotion released

Wotnot Self Tanning Lotion released

Wotnot are a well established Australian natural skin care company who have been making baby care products and natural sunscreen for many years now. This month they have a new offering, a natural fake tan.

It works in a similar way to the original Eco Tan Invisible Tan product, where you apply the self tanner and your colour develops overnight. The Wotnot Natural Self Tan Lotion creates a natural looking medium golden tan. It uses only a blend of natural and organic ingredients and nourishes your skin as it tans with a  base of aloe vera juice, coconut oil, shea butter and other vegetable oils.

To get the best result out of any natural fake tan product, here are our top tips for the best skin preparation.


Fake tan always goes best on to smooth skin. It is vital to exfoliate before application and ensure all loose skin cells are washed away. You can do this with a dry body brush, any body exfoliant scrub product or you can even make your own. There are plenty of DIY recipes online, including some that use hemp seeds which will give you skin the benefit of the rich omega oils from the seeds.

Hair Removal

It is best to wax or shave a day before the self tan application. Not only does the tan take better without hair in the way, if you wait to shave until a day after, you will remove some of the tan with your razor. The 24 hours also gives your skin time to settle down after any potential skin irritations from the razor. While the Wotnot tanner is suitable for sensitive skin, if you break the skin with your razor, you may sting a little, in the same way it happens with some natural deodorant, which is why our advice is always to shave at night so you have a few hours after shaving before the deodorant goes on.

Moisturise Dry Spots

To avoid your tan building up to much in rough and dry spots, apply some moisturiser to them prior to tan application. Places like elbows and knees can be susceptible.

Allow the tan to set

In the same way after using our natural nail polish to paint your nails and allow some drying time before you start doing the dishes or having a bath, you want to allow your tan to set. Give it a good 6 to 8 hours of no bathing and no sweating activities.  After a shower at night is the perfect time to apply.

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