Wet Wipes Warning

Wet Wipes Warning

You may notice that we’re not big on the ‘danger danger Will Robinson’ blog posts around here, but once in a while I’ll see something credible in main stream media that just has to be shared. Last night on Channel 7 news there was an alarming story about the preservatives found in baby wipes and wet wipes being sold in chemists and supermarkets around Australia.

Doctors are seeing both adults and children with severe skin rashes and are calling for the preservative to be banned in Australia. One patient had troubles breathing, developed rashes and blisters and had difficulties breathing.

Doctors and emergency wards are seeing an increase in the number of patients being admitted after having a reaction to the preservative methylisothiazolinone. The reaction isn’t always immediate and can take around 2 days after contact before symptoms appear. The symptoms can vary in intensity and last up to 2 weeks, many people with red, itchy and weeping skin.

It can also be found in many other beauty products including shampoo, body wash and sunscreen.

In our store, there are no leave on or wash off hair, face & body products containing this synthetic preservative. It is however found in 3 products in our cleaning range from Seventh Generation which are all products not designed to be put on the skin. They are clearly marked as a synthetic preservative on these 3 cleaning products and should be avoided if you prefer not to come in to contact with them in any capacity. Despite us removing these products more than once, we’ve had requests to get them back, so they are sold with full disclosure, as with everything we do. We always recommend the Abode range in our natural cleaning products not only for their ingredient quality but because they’re made in Australia.

There are natural alternatives to wet wipes in our store from Wotnot, in the way of travel wipes and baby wipes (they are the same product packaged differently) and in our natural skin care aisle, facial wipes, all without any form of synthetic preservative.

If you’re savvy, you can make your own wet wipes, there are quite a few recipes online using natural ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, Dr Bronner soap, coconut oil and essential oils. They can be made either with paper towel or with fabric so they can be washed and reused. Use Tea Tree Oil for a disinfecting type wipe. Use Lavender for a baby wipe. Choose any essential oil that’s suitable for the type of use or the scent you like.

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