Shipping Charges

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Shipping Charges

Our Fastway Courier service is THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY for box orders, but is only available to around 90% OF THE POPULATION.

If your location is eligible, you will see the option available in the checkout. This is not the default shipping option. YOU MUST MANUALLY SWITCH to it as you checkout. No PO Boxes or Parcel Locker addresses please. We can only send to street addresses with this service.

Due to the speed of our dispatch system, we are unable to switch carriers after your order has been placed.

0.01kg to 3kg$9.95Spend $100
3kg to 6kg$11.95Spend $150
6kg to 9kg$13.95Spend $200
9kg to 15kg$16.95Spend $250

Your shipping charges are calculated by weight and location with subsidised shipping and free shipping options available for larger orders.

Parcels up to 500g in weight

Small satchels up to 500g in weight have their own simple flat rate pricing Australia wide.

  • Up to 500g and under $100 in value – $9.95
  • Up to 500g and over $100 in value – FREE SHIPPING

Parcels over 500g and under 15kg

For larger parcels, an estimate of your shipping charges can be given with our Shipping Calculator. Simply place your items in the shopping cart and click VIEW CART. Put your own postcode in and all shipping options and prices will be displayed. The table below will give you an estimate plus the free shipping threshold for your location.

Central Coast NSW$8.95 plus$0.00 per kiloorders over $100
Sydney Metro$8.95 plus$0.12 per kiloorders over $150
Wollongong$10.50 plus$0.30 per kiloorders over $200
Newcastle$10.50 plus$0.20 per kiloorders over $200
Canberra$10.50 plus$0.40 per kiloorders over $200
NSW Country$11.20 plus$0.47 per kiloorders over $200
Melbourne Metro + Geelong$10.50 plus$0.64 per kiloorders over $200
Ballarat + VIC Country$12.05 plus$0.82 per kiloorders over $250
Brisbane Metro + Gold Coast$10.50 plus$0.65 per kiloorders over $200
Sunshine Coast + Ipswich$12.05 plus$0.80 per kiloorders over $250
QLD Country South$12.05 plus$1.00 per kiloorders over $300
QLD Country North$12.05 plus$1.45 per kiloorders over $300
Adelaide$10.50 plus$0.70 per kiloorders over $200
SA Country$12.05 plus$1.20 per kiloorders over $350
Perth$10.50 plus$1.80 per kiloorders over $300
WA Country Near$12.05 plus$2.20 per kiloorders over $350
WA Country Far + Ex. Territory$12.05 plus$2.70 per kiloorders over $400
TAS$10.50 plus$1.95 per kiloorders over $300
NT$12.05 plus$2.95 per kiloorders over $400
Norfolk Island$11.20 plus$0.50 per kiloorders over $200
Australian Antarctic Ter.$10.50 plus$1.95 per kiloorders over $350
  • There is a weight limit of 15kg per order. Larger orders will need to be split up on to smaller orders.
  • The ‘per kilo’ charge is charged to actual weight, not rounded to the nearest kilo.

Express Post orders placed by 1pm AEST will leave us the same day (excluding weekends, public holidays and any item marked special order). If you are within the Australia Post Express Delivery Network,  you will have your parcel next business day. CLICK HERE to find out if your postcode is within the Express Post Delivery Network.

Express Post parcels under 500g

$10.95 flat rate Australia wide

Express Post parcels over 500g and under 15kg

Express Post parcels are charged at a base price plus a per kilo price. We do not offer free shipping or subsidised postage on Express orders. These are charged to you at the price we pay.

Central Coast NSW$10.95 plus$0.00 per kilo
Sydney Metro$10.95 plus$0.30 per kilo
Wollongong$10.95 plus$0.40 per kilo
Newcastle$11.10 plus$0.55 per kilo
Canberra$11.10 plus$0.55 per kilo
NSW Country$11.90 plus$2.65 per kilo
Melbourne Metro + Geelong$11.10 plus$3.85 per kilo
Ballarat + VIC Country$12.95 plus$4.10 per kilo
Brisbane Metro + Gold Coast$11.10 plus$4.40 per kilo
Sunshine Coast + Ipswich$12.95 plus$4.70 per kilo
QLD Country South$12.95 plus$5.45 per kilo
QLD Country North$12.95 plus$10.35 per kilo
Adelaide$11.10 plus$5.70 per kilo
SA Country$12.95 plus$5.70 per kilo
Perth$11.10 plus$10.15 per kilo
WA Country Near$12.95 plus$11.25 per kilo
WA Country Far + Ex. Territory$12.95 plus$14.65 per kilo
TAS$11.10 plus$4.45 per kilo
NT$12.95 plus$9.75 per kilo
Norfolk Island$11.190 plus$2.65 per kilo
Australian Antarctic Ter.$11.10 plus$4.45 per kilo
Central Coast NSW2250 - 2263
Sydney Metro1000-2249, 2555-2579, 2740-2786, 2890
Wollongong2500-2506, 2515-2530
Canberra0200-0299,2600-2620, 2900-2920
NSW Country2264-2281, 2311-2499, 2507-2514, 2531-2554, 2580-2599, 2621-2739, 2787-2889, 2891-2898
Melbourne Metro + Geelong3000-3210, 3211-3220, 3335-3341, 3425-3443, 3750-2811, 3910-3920, 3926-3944, 3972-3978, 3980-3983, 8000-8999,
Ballarat + VIC Country3221-3334, 3342-3424, 3444-3749, 3812-3909, 3921-3925, 3945-3971, 3979, 3984-3999
Brisbane Metro + Gold Coast4000-4229, 4500-4549, 4900-4999, 9000-9596, 9700-9799
Sunshine Coast + Ipswich4300-4307, 4550-4575
QLD Country South4230-4299, 4308-4449, 4576-4689, 9597-9599, 9880-9919
QLD Country North4450-4499, 4690-4899, 9920-9999
Adelaide5000-5199, 5800-5999
SA Country5200-5749
Perth6000-6214, 6800-6999
WA Country Near6215-6699
WA Country Far + Ex. Territory6700-6797, 6798-6799
Norfolk Island2899
Australian Antarctic Ter.7151

Shipping FAQ

Who delivers my parcel?

Parcels are sent using either Fastway Couriers or Australia Post and include tracking & insurance. You can have your items delivered to a home address or work address with all three options. PO Boxes and Parcel Lockers are available for Australia Post only. You choose the shipping method as you go through the checkout.

Do I have to be home when my delivery arrives?

No. A calling card will be left if you are not home. Undelivered Australia Post orders can be collected your nearest post office. Undelivered Courier orders can be contacted to arrange a suitable redelivery time. Your first redelivery is free of charge. Any additional attempts will incur yoru shipping fees again. If you choose Authority To Leave, the parcel will be left at your address in a safe place. Proceed with caution as your insurance coverage ends when the parcel is left at your address.

How quickly will my order leave your warehouse?

We ship parcels Monday to Friday only, excluding public holidays.

EXPRESS POST – order by 1pm AEST – guaranteed same day despatch*
AUSTRALIA POST / FASTWAY – order by 9am AEST – should leave us same day*

*99% of orders placed by 11am will leave us the same day. We can often push this to 1pm.

Once your parcel leaves us

EXPRESS POST is next business day delivery if you are within the Express Post delivery network.

ALL OTHER SERVICES are subject to the delivery time frames of Australia Post and Fastway.

Are all my items in stock?

We only sell what’s physically in our own warehouse unless the item is marked as a special order item. A handful of large ticket items are despatched from our wholesale partners and are marked as In Stock (because they are a quick despatch as well). Anything marked as Special Order has a delay in shipment.

How long will my parcel take to arrive?

Once your parcel leaves our warehouse, delivery time is dictated by the Courier or Australia Post. If you choose Express Post and you are within the Express Post delivery area, your parcel should arrive the following day. Your parcels leave from the 2250 postcode (Central Coast of NSW). Delays can occur during busy periods, including public holidays & major events. Please note, there is no guaranteed delivery time for Australia Post regular services or Fastway Courier. Delivery to long distances can take up to 7 to 10 business days.

What does my insurance cover?

Your parcel is covered for damage during transit or going missing during transit. Please report all damage within 48 hours of your parcel arriving to be eligible for a claim. If you choose Authority To Leave, once the driver scans your parcel as delivered, there is no more coverage for a parcel missing during transit. Please choose this option carefully as we cannot reship orders or process claims if you choose Authority To Leave and there’s a scan showing delivery.

How do I get my tracking number?

When your parcel leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email from us and another email from the Courier or Australia Post that contains your tracking number. These emails can get caught in spam filters, so please check your spam folder.

How do you calculate the weight of my parcel?

Each item in store has a weight estimate attached. We take in to consideration the weight & size of the parcel (cubic weight) and the packaging we place around it so it arrives safely on your doorstep. Please note that large items that do not weigh very much are calculated on their physical size.

Why are your shipping charges so complex?

We ship a lot of hard to find, large, heavy & inexpensive items all around the country. The only way we can provide this service is to adopt a USER PAYS system. The weight of your parcel & your location form the basis of the calculations. The order total comes in to play when we work out FREE SHIPPING offers, and they differ depending on your location. All the charges will calculate automatically during the checkout and we do have a shipping estimate calculator on our Shopping Cart page if you’re confused by what’s above. Simply add your items to the cart and put your postcode in to the shipping calculator to find out what the charges are.

What do you use to pack my parcel with?

We are as eco-friendly as possible when packing your parcel. We rarely buy new boxes for packing. When we do, they’re plain brown boxes. We gather boxes to re-use from local businesses, so your order may arrive in a rescued wine box or something from a supplier. All the packing materials we receive from suppliers are re-used and we rescue old newspapers to give them one more journey before they are recycled.

99.99% of satchel orders are packed in zero plastic jiffy bags. On rare occasions, a largish order under 500g may end up in a plastic courier satchel and some recycled bubble wrap. We recycle newspaper for a lot of  our box orders. If you have allergies to newspaper, please let us know when you place your order so we can ensure we don’t use it to pack your parcel.

On rare occasions, we may use a small amount of bubble wrap or a plastic bag to protect something in your order. We  recycle bags and bubbles from suppliers, you can put them with your RedCycle soft plastic for recycling at the supermarket.