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A short video tour of our recycled packaging materials

When a primary school teacher asked me to speak to her class about why we use recycled wine boxes and newspaper to pack our orders, I thought it was important to stop and speak to them about it, so I made this short video to explain why we do it. Every marketing expert will tell me I’m wrong, and they have, and I don’t care. It is far better for the planet to reuse something when you can. We know our customers recycle or throw away our boxes when they unpack their orders, so it seems crazy to buy them in when we have access to thousands of used boxes for free.

Local retirement villages and small businesses save their newspaper for us too and the money we save on buying in packaging goes towards our charity program. We are proud long term supporters of The School of St Jude in Tanzania and my husband and I also started a charity event in 2016. Lighthouse 2 Skillion Coast Walk raised $70,000+ in our inaugural year for Central Coast Surf Lifesaving, Coast Shelter and Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Saving money on packaging allows us to do all this and more.

~ Joanne Musgrave, Founder and General Manager

We recycle ALL packaging material that comes in to our warehouse

When we unpack suppliers orders, all packaging materials are carefully sorted for re-use. Inner packaging is used to fill empty space in boxes. Large boxes are cut down and used to wrap around delicate items that go in satchels. Nothing goes to waste. We even rescue plastic bags that are wrapped around products to protect delicate items from newspaper damage. If you see a plastic bag in your packing, we didn’t buy it, we re-used it.

We don't buy pretty boxes

We break every marketing rule with our packaging. There’s no branding on the outside, there’s no consistency in the box sizes and quite frankly, when our orders are piled up to be loaded on to the Australia Post van, they look like a bit of a motley bunch.

That’s ok by us. Orders are either packed in boxes that came from our suppliers or wine boxes that we rescue from local bottleshops on the Central Coast. The money that we save on buying pretty boxes helps to fund our charity program and allows us to pay our staff a bonus when they meet their targets.

We collect newspaper for packing boxes

Several local retirement villages allow us to have collection bins in their estates. The residents load their newspapers up in them and we collect them for reuse, half done crossword puzzles and all!

We protect anything that may be damaged by newspaper print either with recycled plastic bags we get from suppliers (we never buy them in) or with plain brown paper we get from suppliers. Every tiny scrap that comes in that can be reused makes its way in to the packing area.

Satchel orders are sent out in jiffy bags

Small orders are shipped out in 100% plastic free Jiffy Bags. They are made from paper and are filled with stuffed paper, not bubble wrap. We stopped buying bubble bags a long time ago.

A limited number of odd shaped small orders are sent out in a courier satchel. It may literally only be 4 or 5 a month out of the thousands of parcels that leave us. On rare occasions we will protect something small and delicate with bubble wrap. We save and reuse any bubble wrap that comes in to us from our suppliers and I can’t remember the last time I bought bubble wrap. The environment is important to us, but we also want your parcel to arrive safely.

If at any time you think that you will have an allergy to newspaper print or you will be embarrassed in some way having your order turn up in a wine box, please do let us know in the comments section of your order so we can accommodate your request.