New and popular – May 2018

New and popular – May 2018

Reusable shopping bags

Is this your new favourite reusable shopping bag too? It’s definitely ours!

Certified Organic Cotton.

Flat rectangular base.

Pockets inside all the way around the sides to hold kale, breadsticks or anything you don’t want to get squished or lost (or anything heavy like an olive oil bottle that you don’t want squishing something else).

Nice and roomy with wide calico handles.

Machine washable (cold wash, do not tumble)

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Black Chicken Deodorant

The favourite natural deodorant by many of our customers it is flying out the door!  We just restocked and have plenty here for everyone who wants to stock up, or try for the first time. You wont be disappointed!
Black Chicken Axilla paste contains a unique blend of natural and organic ingredients designed to target and neutralise odour without harmful chemicals or sweat blockers! It contains a blend of essential oils that form the natural fragrance – peppermint, cajaput, mandarin, clove, rose, geranium, lime, lavender and cedarwood.

black chicken axilla paste

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Reusable coffee cups

As the weather cools down, our orders for reusable coffee cups and travel mugs increases!  Having the opportunity to take a lovely warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate with you on the school run, or while sitting on the sidelines at soccer on a freezing Sunday is number one on this list of morning priorities for many.  We have a range of coffee mugs in store – from those that are fully insulated and leakproof (so they can be thrown in your handbag and forgotten about till you are ready to drink them) to those that are insulated and will keep your drink warm but will need to remain upright – either on your desk at work or in a cup holder in your car.
Also great for use with a lovely cup of organic tea.

reusable coffee cup

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Stainless steel straws

Reusable straws are also very popular right now with more and more cafes and restuarants banning plastic straws and even rumors that some of the larger supermarket chains are going to stop selling them!

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