Introducing the Yetty Shopping Bag from Apple Green Duck

Introducing the Yetty Shopping Bag from Apple Green Duck

With the supermarkets banning single use plastic bags from 1st July, everyone is on the hunt for the perfect reusable shopping bags to suit their needs and their budget. Don’t be tempted by the 15c thicker plastic bags offered to you at the checkout. The chances of them being reused enough times to be an eco solution are very slim. You don’t need to choose something expensive, the team at Apple Green Duck have a vast array of shopping bags in natural jute, cotton, calico and hard wearing nylon, all for under $10.

Today we want to introduce you to the Yetty Bag from Apple Green Duck. You will have seen plenty of bags around like this, but not in designs and not for $4.95 each. The Yetty Bag is a little larger than your typical supermarket single use shopping bag and in a similar style as well, but it’s made from a durable nylon that can be soiled and washed over and over again. Grab any laundry product from our natural cleaning products range. You don’t need to be fussy with these. The Yetty is perfect for carrying your meat, dairy and other wet products that may dirty your shopping bag.  The Yetty Bag rolls up neatly and  has a piece of elastic attached to the bag to wrap around it and hold it in place. You can fold them up in to a tight roll or a flatter shape, depending on how you’re going to store it.

Looking for a natural fibre solution that’s also plastic free? Click on the Buy Now button to also view their range of jute, calico and canvas bags.

Yetty is available in 9 different colours as pictured below.

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