Hannahpad size comparison + purchasing tips

Hannahpad size comparison + purchasing tips

Choosing the right size of Hannahpad can be a little confusing for some as they aren’t quite the same as the disposable pads that some people may be used to.  It is one of the questions we get most asked from customers wanting to switch to reusable menstrual pads, along with ‘how many will I need’. Below we will try to give some tips on how to find the answer to these questions for your unique needs.


Small and Pantyliner Hannahpad.

Small and pantyliner are the same size, but just differ in the number of cotton layers, and therefore absorbency.  They are great for everyday wear for any discharge and to keep you feeling fresh, to wear in the days you are expecting your period, or for light flow days.

Panty Liner = 3 cotton layers | 30 – 45ml absorbency | 21cm long x 18cm wide
Small = 5 cotton layers | 40 – 60ml absorbency | 21cm long x 18cm wide

hannahpad sizes

Medium and Large/Overnight Hannahpad.

These are the sizes that women tend to start with most often, with medium being the biggest selling size of Hannahpad in our store. (You can buy a 5 pack of medium Hannahpads and save 15% here)  Medium may well be the size that you would wear most often during the day, and then you would switch to the large (overnight) size of an evening.  The large size is 6cm longer than the medium size, which can give extra protection during the night if you are moving around a little.  The large/overnight can also be used any time of day for those who want a bit more protection, or who have a heavier flow.

Medium = 6 cotton layers | 55 – 80ml absorbency | 27cm long x 18cm wide
Large (Overnight) = 6 cotton layers | 75 – 110ml absorbency | 33cm long x 18.5cm wide

hannahpad packs



Ultra Overnight and Super Ultra Overnight Hannahpad

The ultra overnight is another 3cm longer than the Overnight size, which is useful for those who move a lot overnight, or who have a very heavy flow.  It can also be suitable for the postpartum time after having a new baby. Super Ultra Overnight has one extra internal layer than medium, overnight and ultra overnight, plus is an extra 6cm longer than the ultra overnight. This makes it perfect for new mothers in those first days after birth and it can also be suitable for LBL (light bladder leakage) but not for heavier incontinence.

Ultra Overnight = 6 cotton layers | 85 – 130ml absorbency | 36cm long x 19.5cm wide (15.7 at gusset)
Super Ultra Overnight = 7 cotton layers | 120 – 180ml absorbency | 42cm long x 19.5cm wide (18.2 at gusset)


“To all the ladies out there thinking should I give Hannahpads a go answer is absolutely yes you won’t look back, Hannahpads are worth every cent. Guaranteed no mess, no smell, so easy to clean and feel like your not even wearing a pad at all. Awesome customer service! Highly recommend them. ME”


The number of Hannahpads that you purchase and the size of them really does depend on your flow, your lifestyle and your washing schedule. After use your Hannahpads will need to be soaked in some natural laundry detergent, and there is also the option or purchasing Hannahpad Probiotic Soap or some Dr Bronners castile soap if you need some extra strength cleaning. This soaking may be 6-12 hours and then you need to be sure to dry the pads thoroughly so that there is no chance of any mould forming in between the layers if they aren’t quite dry. Sunlight is the best option and in winter months the pads can take 24-48 hours to completely dry. You can also search our natural cleaning products for other soakers that will perform well too.

First of all though, is to buy one (or a few) and give them a go. See how the washing routine works for you, what size might suit you best and then add to your collection as the months go on..hannahpad australiahannahpads

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