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Black Chicken Axilla deodorant paste is back in stock!

It’s baaaaaaaccckkkkk!!!!!! After being unable to get stock of this product for some time, we now have the Black Chicken Remedies Axilla deodorant paste back at Shop Naturally. This is THE most requested product of all time, so we’re super

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New – Honey Butter Lip Balm by Beauty and the Bees

The Beauty & The Bees have upgraded their lip balm and we couldn’t be happier! After many years of research into ways that they could provide a wind up lip balm without using plastic as all others do, they have

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Sol coffee cups – now in stock

Sol is our favourite reusable coffee cup made from glass & silicone. Yes – that’s right, completely plastic free! The glass that these cups are made from contains a high percentage of borosilicate glass, making it suitable for hot drinks

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New glass water bottles by Sol

Hot on the heels of the new (and extremely popular) reusable coffee cups from Sol in added to our store last month, we now have a fresh shipment of the Sol Bottle – a glass water bottle, complete with its

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NEW – Beauty and the Bees sample packs

Over the course of a lifetime, a person washes their hair an estimated 12,000 times using approximately 250 plastic shampoo/conditioner bottles, which go to landfill or if discarded end up in the ocean. Choose instead to use a solid concentrated

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