Buy a Hurraw Lip Balm for just $1

We just made one of our most popular natural makeup items the bargain of the century. Hurraw Lip Balm is an all natural lip balm made with premium organic, vegan and raw ingredients. They are made in the USA, and unlike most lip balms that come in a round tube, this one is in a flatter oval tube which means you can slip one in to your pocket without it feeling bulky.

When making Hurraw, they had a set of criteria in place, and the staff have all used them and we can confirm that all of the following are true of the Hurraw Lip Balms. They are super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy, long lasting and be in your jeans pocket all day without melting. I can personally tell you that all of this is true.

Hurraw Black Cherry Lip Balm for just $1

There is one small catch here. You can add ONE of these beauties to your shopping cart when you spend $50 or more on natural makeup in the same transaction. This makes then 85% off the normal RRP and best priced Hurraw Lip Balm in Australia. If you want more than one, you can purchase additional Black Cherry Hurraw Lip Balms at their normal price. It doesn’t matter what type of makeup you purchase, it can be anything from natural mascara to natural nail polish or anything in between, as long as you find it in the MAKEUP category of our store.

Click on the picture below to jump straight to the product link for the $1 balm. Please read through the terms & conditions carefully. Those taking advantage of our generous nature and attempting to purchase more than one at the $1 price will have their $1 donated to one of our favourite charities.